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Revision of the North American Pocket Mice

Description: From introductory remarks: "Classification study of the North American pocket mouse based on about 170 specimens. Results of study increased recognized species to 18 and subspecies to 3 as well as shifting several well known names to other forms."
Date: October 25, 1889
Creator: Merriam, C. Hart

The Death Valley Expedition: A Biological Survey of Parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, Part 2

Description: Collection of reports on Death Valley, the bordering region of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Reports include birds, reptiles and Batrachians, fishes, insects, mollusks, trees and shrubs, cactuses and yuccas, and list of localities in the reports.
Date: May 31, 1893
Creator: Fisher, A. K.; Stejneger, Leonhard; Gilbert, Charles H.; Riley, C. V.; Stearns, R. E. C.; Merriam, C. Hart et al.

[American Shrews]

Description: Brief summary of three genera of American shrews, including characteristics, habits, habitat, and skull, jaws, and teeth illustrations.
Date: December 31, 1895
Creator: Merriam, C. Hart & Miller, Gerrit S. (Gerrit Smith), 1869-1956

Genera and Subgenera of Voles and Lemmings

Description: Revision of the genera and subgenera of voles and lemmings with comparison between North American and European.
Date: July 23, 1896
Creator: Miller, Gerrit S. (Gerrit Smith), 1869-1956

Revision of the North American Bats of the Family Vespertilionidæ

Description: Classification of more than 3,000 bats to enable correct specimen identification based upon material contained in the collection of the Biological Survey of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Date: October 16, 1897
Creator: Miller, Gerrit S. (Gerrit Smith), 1869-1956

Natural History of the Tres Marías Islands, Mexico

Description: Brief description of the Tres Marías Islands, Mexico, including mammals, birds, reptiles, crustacea, and plants found there.
Date: April 29, 1899
Creator: Nelson, E. W.; Stejneger, Leonhard; Rathbun, Mary J. & Rose, J. N.

Results of a Biological Survey of Mount Shasta California

Description: From introduction: "Biological survey of northern California from the Madeline Plains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Oregon boundary to Lassen Butte and parts of the Sierra, with Mount Shasta occupying a nearly central position."
Date: October 28, 1899
Creator: Merriam, C. Hart

Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Chincha

Description: From introduction: "Classification changes to skunks of genus Chincha in order to clear up confusion resulting from previous attempts at classification."
Date: August 31, 1901
Creator: Howell, Arthur H.

Biological Survey of Texas

Description: From introduction: "Report on the biological survey of Texas conducted over a number of years through collection of information and specimens. Focus on life zones and their subdivisions and on the mammals and reptiles of the state."
Date: October 24, 1905
Creator: Bailey, Vernon

Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Spilogale

Description: From introduction: "Revision of skunk genus Spilogale based upon a study of about 380 skins with skulls and 75 additional skulls from the collection of the Biological Survey."
Date: November 24, 1906
Creator: Howell, Arthur H.