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Further Studies on Large-Batch Melting of Uranium

Description: The following report focuses on an investigation made to determine if vacuum melting was an absolutely necessary step in the metallurgical process of melting and casting uranium.
Date: July 11, 1955
Creator: Rengstorff, George W. & Lownie, Harold W., Jr.

Hanford Controlled Potential Coulometer

Description: Report describing the Hanford Laboratory controlled potential coulometer. This includes the theory behind the coulometer, details of its circuitry, and performance tests. Appendix begins on page 23.
Date: July 11, 1960
Creator: Connally, R. E. & Scott, F. A.

Evaluation of Beta Radiation as a Hydrogenation Catalyst: Interim Technical Status Report for the Period March 1, 1962 to October 31, 1963

Description: From abstract: The concept of using high intensity beta radiation from an isotopic source, Sr-90, inside a high temperature, high pressure chemical reactor has been developed for potential radiation chemical processes. Distinct advantages include high utilizable intensity from a relatively small source with a minimum of shielding against external radiation.
Date: September 11, 1964
Creator: Yavorsky, P. M. & Gorin, E.