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Summary of the Spert-I, -II, and -III reactor facilities

Description: Report containing "[a] brief description and design data summary of each of the SPERT Reactor Facilities is presented. Engineering, operating, and physics data are tabulated for use as basic references" (p. 3)
Date: November 1, 1957
Creator: Montgomery, C. R.; Norberg, J. A. & Wilson, T. R.

Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment Progress Report: August-October 1956

Description: Report describing technical progress on the design and construction of an Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment (OMRE), to be operated at the National Reactor Testing Station in Arco, Idaho. "This is the second report of the series, and covers the period from August 1, 1956 through October 31, 1956" (p. 3).
Date: November 15, 1957
Creator: Trilling, C. A.

Reactor Physics Primer

Description: Report that describes the reactor physics of the processes used to produce plutonium at Hanford Laboratories. This includes a basic explanation of nuclear physics and the principles of the reactor process.
Date: November 15, 1957
Creator: Lockwood, E. H.

Applied Nuclear Physics Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending September 10, 1956

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing work completed by the Applied Nuclear Physics Division during 1956. Summaries of experiments conducted and project developments are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: November 20, 1958
Creator: Blizard, E. P.; Simon, A.; Callihan, A. D.; Clifford, C. E.; Maienschein, F. C. & Peelle, R. W.

Supplement to Standard Practices for Design of MTR and ETR Safety Circuits

Description: Report that offers updated information from the Materials Testing Reactor (MTR) and Engineering Test Reactor (ETR) "experiment safety circuit manual by providing ETR power reduction curves and other information on ETR not yet available at the time the manual was issued, September 15, 1957" (p. 1).
Date: November 21, 1958
Creator: Jones, L. H.

Hot-Pressure Bonding of OMR Fuel Plates

Description: Abstract: An alluminum-clad low-enrichment, uranium-alloy fuel element of flat plate configuration has been proposed for the Organic Moderated Reactor (OMR).
Date: November 15, 1959
Creator: Alm, G. V.; Binstock, M. H. & Garrett, E. E.

Terminal Status Report for the Processing Refabrication Experiment

Description: Introduction: A low-capacity, low-decontamination plant can be built, as part of a power reactor complex, to avoid long distance transfer of fuel to a high-capacity aqueous processing plant. Activation of such a complex, with the processing plant adjacent to the reactor it serves, could decrease the cost of the integrated fuel cycle. The study of this concept is a major objective of the Processing Refabrication Experiment (PRE).
Date: November 15, 1959
Creator: Sinizer, D. I.; Mattern, K. L. & Kendall, E. G.

SRE Fuel Element Damage: An Interim Report

Description: Abstract: During the course of power run 14 on the Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE) at low power, the temperature difference among various fuel channels was found to be undesirably high. Normal operating practices did not succeed in reducing this temperature difference to acceptable values and on July 26, 1959, the run was terminated.
Date: November 30, 1959
Creator: Jarrett, A. A.

Gas-Cooled Reactors in the USA: A Survey and Recommendation

Description: Report that provides "an understanding of the status of gas-cooled reactors as used for unclassified applications" and determining "phases of advanced research and development needed in the field and from these to recommend a program for high-temperature, gas-cooled reactors" (p. 5).
Date: November 1960
Creator: Armstrong, R. H.

Nuclear Port Survey of the State of New York

Description: Report of the capabilities of the state of New York to construct and service atomic propelled vessels and to handle the shipment of packaged radioactive materials, including used nuclear fuels.
Date: November 1961
Creator: Ebasco Services Incorporated

Nuclear Superheat Quarterly Project Report: Sixth Quarter, October-December 1960

Description: From introduction: "This is the sixth of a series of quarterly reports which will cover the progress and results from the conceptual design, economic evaluations and research and development work performed by the General Electric Company as part of the Nuclear Superheat Project."
Date: November 1961
Creator: Pennington, R. T.

The Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory at Hanford

Description: Report describing the experimental facilities of Hanford's Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory, its equipment, personnel, operating schedules, and safety procedures. Appendix begins on page 49.
Date: November 1961
Creator: Batch, J. M.; Toyoda, K. G. & Hanthorn, H. E.

Irradiation Behavior of High Purity Uranium

Description: Report that "describes the behavior of small, high purity uranium specimens irradiated under controlled conditions" (p. 2).
Date: November 1963
Creator: Leggett, R. D.; Mastel, B. & Bierlein, T. K.