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Primary view of Recent Development of the Producer-Gas Power Plant in the United States
Fernald, Robert Heywood
Primary view of Apparatus and Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Furnace Gases
Frazer, J. C. W. & Hoffman, E. J.
Primary view of Essential Factors in the Formation of Producer Gas
Clement, J. K.; Adams, L. H. & Haskins, C. N.
Primary view of The Flow of Heat Through Furnace Walls
Ray, Walter T. & Kreisinger, Henry
Primary view of Incidental Problems in Gas-Producer Tests
Fernald, R. H.; Smith, C. D.; Clement, J. K. & Grine, H. A.
Primary view of A Primer on Explosives for Coal Miners
Munroe, Charles E. & Hall, Clarence
Primary view of Résumé of Producer-Gas Investigations: October 1, 1904-June 30, 1910
Fernald, R. H. & Smith, C. D.
Primary view of Briquetting Tests of Lignite at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1908-9 : With a Chapter on Sulphite-Pitch Binder
Wright, Charles L.
Primary view of City Smoke Ordinances and Smoke Abatement
Flagg, Samuel B.
Primary view of The Volatile Matter of Coal
Porter, Horace C. & Ovitz, F. K.
Primary view of Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910: Part 1. -- Analyses
Lord, N. W.
Primary view of Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910 Part 2. Descriptions of Samples
Lord, N. W.
Primary view of The Analysis of Black Powder and Dynamite
Snelling, Walter O. & Storm, C. G.
Primary view of First Series of Coal-Dust Explosion Tests in the Experimental Mine
Rice, George S.; Jones, L. M.; Clement, J. K. & Egy, W. L.
Primary view of National Mine-Rescue and First-Aid Conference: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 23-26, 1912
Wilson, Herbert M.
Primary view of Oil and Gas Wells through Workable Coal Beds: Papers and Discussions
Rice, George S. & Hood, O. P.
Primary view of Metallurgical Coke
Belden, A. W.
September 1913
Primary view of Analyses of Mine and Car Samples of Coal Collected in the Fiscal Years 1911 to 1913
Fieldner, Arno Carl; Smith, Howard I.; Fay, Albert H. & Sanford, Samuel
Primary view of International Conference of Mine-Experiment Stations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., September 14-21, 1912.
Rice, George S.
Primary view of Methods of Preventing and Limiting Explosions in Coal Mines
Rice, George S. & Jones, L. M.
April 1915
Primary view of Manufacture of Gasoline and Benzene-Toluene from Petroleum and Other Hydrocarbons
Rittman, W. F.; Dutton, C. B. & Dean, E. W.
Primary view of Combustion of Coal and Design of Furnaces
Kreisinger, Henry; Augustine, C. E. & Ovitz, F. K.
Primary view of Approved Explosion-Proof Coal-Cutting Equipment
Ilsley, L. C. & Gleim, E. J.
Primary view of Mining and Preparing Domestic Graphite for Crucible Use
Dub, George D. & Moses, Frederick G.
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