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Physical Research on Liquid-Metal Systems Annual Report: July 1975-June 1976

Description: Physicochemical and thermodynamic studies of liquid-lithium-containing systems have continued. Pressure-composition isotherms for the lithium-hydrogen system measured by a gravimetric technique are found to be in reasonably good agreement with earlier tensimetric results. Plateau-pressure studies of the lithium-hydrogen, lithium-deuterium, and lithium-tritium systems have been made at temperatures above and below the monotectic. The observed isotope effects were found to be near the predicted values. Measurements of the solubility of the lithium-deuterium in liquid lithium gave results in good agreement with prior data for the solubility of lithium-hydrogen in lithium and confirmed that the limits on cold trapping of lithium hydrides from lithium are too high for protected fusion reactor applications. Determination of the solubility of lithium dioxide in liquid lithium is nearing completion. Solubility values measured to date are slightly lower than, but in the range of, prior measurements.
Date: January 1977
Creator: Maroni, V. A.; Calaway, W. F.; Veleckis, Ewald; Yonco, R. M.; Cafasso, F. A. & Burris, L.