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Special Welding Techniques : Final Summary Report

Description: From foreword: This is the final report on Special Welding Techniques. The work of the third and final year is discussed in detail, and the accomplishments of the first two years are summarized.
Date: January 1957
Creator: Mueller, John; Maxwell, William & Siltanen, James

Fluidized Bed Reactor Study: Phase I - Feasibility

Description: From abstract: The Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) consists of a bed of fuel pellets which circulate in a confined core region as the result of the upward flow of fluid through the particles. In the present concept the fluid acts as a fluidizing, coolant and reactor moderator medium. This report is the results of the Phase I study to determine the feasibility of this concept.
Date: February 1959

Development of Iron-Aluminum Base Alloy for Gas Cooled Reactor Components: Final Report

Description: From summary: Description of an iron-aluminum-chromium alloy, DB-2, used as the starting point of a program initiated to develop an iron-aluminum base alloy for cladding gas-cooled reactor core components. Secondary aims were to gain knowledge of fuel element fabric-ability, radiation effects and acid solubility of iron-aluminum base alloys.
Date: April 1959
Creator: Tate, Frank

ANPP Code Development Program Pressurized Water Task Quarterly Progress Report: Number One, November 1959

Description: From introduction: The objective of this program is the development of a nuclear physical model and its calculation code for pressurized-water cooled and moderated reactors to predict accurately reactivity, rod positions and power distributions at operating temperatures, and reactor life from a nuclear standpoint.
Date: November 1959
Creator: Olsen, T. M.; Welshans, L. & Eicheldinger, C.

Swaged Metal Fiber-UO₂ Fuel Element: Final Report

Description: From introduction: The objectives of this program were to: study the variables of uranium dioxide, metal fibers and cladding material and determine the effects of swaging, develop thermal conductivity tests for small diameter rod-type elements, determine the thermal conductivity of various combinations of metal fibers and uranium dioxide, and select optimum combinations of the above variables to recommend for irradiation testing.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Kane, John

Strontium 90 Power Project: Final Summary Report

Description: From summary: The primary purpose of this project is to determine the feasibility of converting reactor waste Strontium-90 into a safe and useful source of electrical energy. Secondary purpose is physical and environmental testing of the power conversion device or thermoelectric couples. This required actual fabrication of a 100-thermal-watt strontium titanate fuel element
Date: March 1960

PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 4th Quarterly Progress Report, December 1, 1959-February 29, 1960

Description: From abstract: The principal efforts during the fourth project quarter were the near-completion of the final design and preparation of specifications for plant components. Reactor development work included final preparations for the flexible zero-power test (PMZ-1) program and revised fuel element irradiation test program, continuation of reactor flow test, further work on heat transfer test program, and final design and fabrication of the prototype magnetic jack-type control rod actuators.
Date: April 5, 1960
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.

Final Safety Analysis Report: SNAP III Thermoelectric Generator

Description: From summary: An analysis has been performed to determine the ability of the fuel container to withstand the various thermal, mechanical and chemical forces imposed upon the generator by vehicle failures. Where theoretical analysis was impossible, and where experimental evidence was desired, capsules and generators were tested under simulated missile-failure conditions. Thus, the safety limits of SNAP III in a satellite application were defined.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Hagis, W. & Dix, George P.

PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 5th Quarterly Progress Report, March 1, 1960-May 31, 1960

Description: From abstract: Reactor development work includes: initiation of the flexible zero-power test (PMZ-1) experimental program, fabrication and delivery of a PM-1 type fuel element, continuation of reactor flow and heat transfer tests, development work on rare earth control rods, and testing and redesign of the prototype magnetic jack-type control rod actuator.
Date: July 5, 1960
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.

Reactor Flow Studies : Full Scale Model Flow Tests

Description: From foreword: This report contains the test results and analysis of test results of flow studies and reactor vessel internals. Tests were performed at, below, and above the PM-1 design flow rate to observe flow distribution and pressure drops within the reactor vessel, as well as the overall reactor vessel pressure drop.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Taylor, W. J.; Starr, I. & Baer, R. L.

SNAP Programs Quarterly Progress Report, Task 8--Stontium-90 Fuled Thermoelectric Generator Development: Number 1, November 1, 1960-January 31, 1961

Description: From summary: The SNAP 7 program is being conducted for the purpose of developing four radioisotope-fueled thermo-electric power generation systems. An important phase of this program is the processing of Strontium-90 into heat sources for these systems. The current effort involves the design and engineering analysis of two of the four thermo-electric generators.
Date: June 1961

PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant Program

Description: From summary: Progress report on the production of detailed piping and equipment installation drawings for the PM-3A nuclear power plant program. Attention has been paid to the procurement of those valves and specialty items associated with the piping system.
Date: July 21, 1961
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.

Final Safety Analysis: Ten-Watt Strontium-90 Fueled Generator for an Unattended Meteorological Station, SNAP-7C

Description: From introduction: The primary objectives in designing a nuclear safe radiostrontium generator are: continuous absolute containment of the radiostrontium fuel, which is a relatively insoluble and chemically stable fuel compound, and biological shielding of the direct radiation from the heat source. This report evaluates the safety aspects of a prototype Strontium-90 fueled generator which will be utilized by the U.S. Navy to power and unattended automatic meterological station.
Date: 1962
Creator: Brooks, Phillip M. & Keegan, James J.

PM-1 Reactor Core Final Design Report

Description: From introduction: This report presents and evaluates the final design of the reactor core for the PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant. The design criteria required a pressurized water cooled and moderated core with a two-year life at design power and a positive shutdown margin under all conditions with either one control rod stuck completely out or with two control rods stuck in the operating condition.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Bagley, R. O.; Cox, F. H.; Carnasale, A. & Vener, H.

SNAP Programs Quarterly Progress Report, Task 8--Stontium-90 Fuled Thermoelectric Generator Development: Number 5, November 1, 1961-January 31, 1962

Description: From introduction and summary: The SNAP 7 program is being conducted by the Martin Company for the purpose of developing four radioisotope-fueled thermo-electric power generation systems. The current program in its entirety covers: design, fabrication, test and delivery of four-radioisotope-fueled thermo-electric generator systems are to be designed to meet the rigorous environmental requirements of field use by the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy.
Date: 1962
Creator: McDonald, W. A. & Kershaw, W. L.