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NACA Zero Power Reactor Facility Hazards Summary

Description: The Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics proposes to build a zero power research reactor facility which will be located in the laboratory grounds near Clevelaurd, Ohio. The purpose of this report is to inform the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission in regard to the design of the reactor facility, the cha,acteristics of the site, and the hazards of operation at this location, The purpose of this reactor is to perform critical experiments, to measure reactivity effects, to serve as a neutron source, and to serve as a training tool. The reactor facility is described. This is followed by a discussion of the nuclear characteristics and the control system. Site characteristics are then discussed followed by a discussion of the experiments which may be conducted in the facility. The potential hazards of the facility are then considered, particularly, the maximum credible accident. Finally, the administrative procedure is discussed.
Date: June 24, 1957

Summary of Section Data on Trailing-Edge High-Lift Devices

Description: A summary has been made of available data on the characteristics of airfoil sections with trailing-edge high-lift devices. Data for plain, split, and slotted flaps are collected and analyzed. The effects of each of the variables involved in the design of the various types of flap are examined and, in cases where sufficient data are given, optimum configurations are deduced. Wherever possible, the effects of airfoil section, Reynolds number, and leading-edge roughness are shown. For single and double slotted flaps, where a great mass of unrelated date are available, maximum lift coefficients of a large number of configurations are presented in tables.
Date: August 20, 1948

Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a Full-Scale Model of the Hughes MX-904 Missile

Description: A wind-tunnel investigation has been conducted to determine the stability and control characteristics of a full-size model of the Hughes MX-904 missile. Aerodynamic characteristics of the complete model through moderate ranges of angles of attack and yaw, with an additional test made through an angle of attack of 180 degrees, are presented. The effects of horizontal tail deflection are also included.
Date: January 1, 1950