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Solidification of High-Level Radioactive Fuel Reprocessing Wastes by Spray and Pot Calcination: Hot-Cell Pilot Plant Studies

Description: Report regarding the calcination of full level Purex and Redox waste carried out "in a remotely operated pilot plant consisting of a radiant-heat spray calciner and a pot calciner and their associated off-gas equipment" (p. 4). This contains details of the calcination, effects on the waste, and difficulties encountered.
Date: September 1964
Creator: Allemann, R. T.; Roberts, F. P. & Upson, U. L.
Item Type: Report

Boiling of Freon-114 in a Three-Foot Straight Tube Evaporator

Description: Introduction: this report covers two series of tests run on a Freon evaporator containing a vertical copper tube having an outside diameter of 7/8 of an inch, heated externally for a length of 35 inches by steam condensing in a concentric jacket.
Date: October 19, 1961
Creator: Allen, Charles F.
Item Type: Report

Third Annual Report: Brackish Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 4, Roswell, New Mexico

Description: From Abstract: "Primary interest was placed on the scale formation problem. Significant improvements were made in the process and described in this report. Maintenance requirements were unusually high during the year, primarily as a result of cumulative corrosion damage over the last three years. The most significant damage was in the circulating pumps, the heat exchangers and feed piping. These and other failures are described."
Date: March 1967
Creator: American Hydrotherm Corporation
Item Type: Report

Economic and Technical Evaluation of the Wiped Film Evaporator

Description: Report concerning the efforts to make the sea water distillation process more economical by improving the heat transfer surface. The General Electric wiped film process is one such improvement and is discussed along with its history, description, and related testing.
Date: July 1964
Creator: Anderson, Ralph E. & Lotz, Charles W.
Item Type: Report

Analysis of Stresses in Bellows

Description: Abstract: Design charts and systematic design forms are presented for simplified calculations to check the number of convolutions and thickness required to limit the deflection and pressure stress range in three types of bellows.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Anderson, W. F.
Item Type: Report

Analysis of Electric Energy Usage in Air Force Houses Equipped with Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Description: From Introduction: "One part of this study, which is presented in this Monograph, consists of an analysis of electric energy usage and electric power demand data obtained from a sample group of occupied houses at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas, equipped with heat pumps, water heaters, cooking ranges, clothes dryers, and miscellaneous appliances all operated by electricity."
Date: July 13, 1962
Creator: Archenbach, Paul R.; Davis, Joseph C. & Smith, William T.
Item Type: Report

Midwest Tandem Cyclotron: A Proposal for a Regional Accelerator Facility

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the proposal of the Midwest Tandem-Cyclotron accelerator facility. Descriptions of the facility designs, methods, and operations are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: June 1969
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory
Item Type: Report