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Sweetclover in Corn Belt farming.

Description: Describes the recommended practices for cultivating sweet clover, and suggestions for its use on the farm. Includes outlines of cropping systems used in the Corn Belt.
Date: 1940
Creator: Crosby, M. A.; Kephart, L. W. (Leonard Wheeler), 1892- & Hollowell, E. A. (Eugene Amos)
Item Type: Book

Pocket-gopher control.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the pocket gopher, the damage it can cause to farm crops, and methods of control.
Date: 1941
Creator: Crouch, W. E. (Winney Elmer), 1891-
Item Type: Book


Description: Discusses aspects of blueberry production in the United States from planting through harvesting and marketing, and examines different types of blueberries.
Date: October 1940
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-
Item Type: Book

Establishing cranberry fields.

Description: Describes the requirements for growing cranberries and provides instructions for establishing cranberry fields.
Date: 1941
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-; Franklin, Henry J. (Henry James), 1883-1958. & Malde, O. G. (Ole Gustav), 1880-
Item Type: Book

Diseases of strawberries.

Description: Describes the multitude of diseases that afflict strawberries, and methods of controlling them.
Date: November 1941
Creator: Demaree, J. B. (Juan Brewer), 1885-
Item Type: Book

Scab of wheat and barley and its control.

Description: Discusses the nature, cause, and history of the scab disease, weather conditions favorable to it, and three control measures.
Date: October 1942
Creator: Dickson, James G. (James Geere), b. 1891.
Item Type: Book

Diseases of raspberries and blackberries.

Description: Describes the characteristics of diseases that infect raspberries and blackberries as well as their respective treatments.
Date: September 1941
Creator: Dodge, B. O. (Bernard Ogilvie), 1872-1960.; Wilcox, R. B. (Raymond Boorman), 1889-1949. & Demaree, J. B. (Juan Brewer), 1885-
Item Type: Book

Using crop residues for soil defense.

Description: Describes how leaving crop residue in a field can help prevent soil erosion due to rainfall; and describes the equipment that can be used in this practice.
Date: August 1942
Creator: Duley, F. L. & Russel, J. C.
Item Type: Book

Life history and control of the tomato pinworm.

Description: Describes the history and life cycle of the tomato pinworm, the types and extent of damage that it causes, and steps that farmers can take to control it.
Date: September 1943
Creator: Elmore, J. C. (John Clifford), 1896- & Howland, A. F.
Item Type: Book

Using 2,4-D safely.

Description: Describes the chemical broadleaf herbicide 2,4-D, and methods of applying it to prevent damage to farm crops, animals, and humans.
Date: November 1948
Creator: Evans, L. S. (Lewis Saxton), 1913-
Item Type: Book

Dust storms come from the poorer lands.

Description: Describes the different classifications of land and the effect soil erosion has on the quality of land and its future for crop production. Contains the results of an extensive study.
Date: September 1949
Creator: Finnell, H. H. (Henry Howard), b. 1894.
Item Type: Book

Irrigation practices in growing alfalfa.

Description: Describes different methods for irrigating alfalfa, depending on the type of soil, the climate, farm size, and other factors.
Date: 1940
Creator: Fortier, Samuel.; Blaney, Harry French, 1892-; Bowen, Leslie.; Ewing, Paul A.; Lewis, M. R. (Mortimer Reed), 1886-; Marr, James C. et al.
Item Type: Book

Reducing damage to trees from construction work.

Description: Describes the damage often inflicted upon trees during construction projects, and explains how to plan projects accordingly to avoid these problems.
Date: 1949
Creator: Fowler, Marvin E. (Marvin Edward), 1904-; Gravatt, G. F. & Thompson, A. Robert.
Item Type: Book

Taming runaway waters

Description: Describes the damage caused and the economic impact of floods and fast-moving water. Discusses the role of soil and water management programs in flood control.
Date: November 1949
Creator: Gee, C. W. (Chester Wilson), 1904-
Item Type: Book