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Aerodynamic characteristics of four NACA airfoil sections designed for helicopter rotor blades

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of the present work is to extend the previous investigation and to derive additional airfoil sections designed to minimize the undesirable characteristics of the previously tested airfoils. The tests of these additional airfoils were made in the Langley two-dimensional low-turbulence tunnel (LTT)."
Date: February 1946
Creator: Rice, Fred J , Jr

The Explosibility of Coal Dust

Description: "This bulletin traces the growth in the belief in the explosibility of coal dust, summarizes the experiments and mine investigations that have established this belief, and gives the present status of preventive measures" (p. 9). Index begins on page 201.
Date: 1911
Creator: Rice, George S.

Mining Petroleum by Underground Methods: A study of Methods used in France and Germany and Possible Application to Depleted Oil Fields under American Conditions

Description: From Introduction: "That the percentages of extraction of petroleum from the ground may and undoubtedly will be greatly increased in the future by underground mining methods where natural conditions will permit seems logical. The limitations imposed by depth, temperature, and flow of water under high pressure through the sands will be discussed later."
Date: 1932
Creator: Rice, George S.

Safety in Coal Mining: A Handbook

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing safety measures adopted by mining operations in the United States. As stated in the introduction, "this report deals solely with accidents in coal mines and with the means of prevention that have been determined and officially approved by the bureau" (p. 2). This report includes tables.
Date: 1928
Creator: Rice, George S.

Stone Dusting or Rock Dusting to Prevent Coal-Dust Explosions, as Practiced in Great Britain and France

Description: From Introduction: "Coal dust as an agent of widespread explosions had been under suspicion, and watering to allay the dust was recommended by some mining engineers but the watering of coal-mine dust was adopted in comparatively few mines of the United States and Great Britain, and had not been introduced widely in any country except Germany. Rock dusting, another method of preventing explosions of coal dust, was early tested with success by the Bureau of Mines in its first gallery at Pittsburgh and, beginning in 1911, at the experimental mine, Bruceton, Pa."
Date: 1924
Creator: Rice, George S.

Potash Mining in Germany and France

Description: From Scope of Bulletin: "This paper is confined largely to a discussion of methods of mining potash salts in France and Germany, in view of the possible application of similar methods when mining of the deposits in the southwestern part if the United States is undertaken, but it also includes a brief history of the German and French potash industry, a discussion of the geology of the deposits, a short description of the refining of crude salts for export, and an estimate of the cost of production."
Date: 1927
Creator: Rice, George S. & Davis, John A.

Coal Mining in Europe: A Study of Practices in Different Coal Formations and Under Various Economic and Regulatory Conditions Compared with Those in the United States

Description: From Introduction: "The major purpose of this bulletin, as indicated in the preface by Dr. John W. Finch, Director of the Bureau of Mines, is to give a critical review of the coal-mining methods used in the principal producing countries of Europe, to describe the reasons underlying the adoption of these methods, and to contrast them with coal-mining methods employed in the United States."
Date: 1939
Creator: Rice, George S. & Hartmann, Irving

Oil and Gas Wells through Workable Coal Beds: Papers and Discussions

Description: From Preface: "In carrying out such a policy with reference to the subject under consideration, the Bureau of Mines invited the State geologists, mine inspectors, and a number of coal operators and oil and gas well drillers from the States interested to meet representatives of the Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh, Pa., for a discussion of the subject during February 7 and February 8, 1913. This adjourned meeting of the conference will be held at an early date and its report will be printed in a later edition of this bulletin, with such additional suggestions as may be received by the Bureau of Mines. The bureau will be glad, therefore, to receive at the earliest practicable date any additional suggestions or any additional information throwing light on the matters discussed in this bulletin."
Date: 1913
Creator: Rice, George S. & Hood, O. P.

Explosion Tests of Pittsburgh Coal Dust in the Experimental Mine, 1925 to 1932, Inclusive

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "The first of these was Bulletin 353, dealing with the tests of rock-dust barriers; the second is the present paper, which reports tests made to determine the effect on the explosibility of Pittsburgh coal dust of altering conditions under which the tests were made; the third, dealing with tests of dust prepared from approximately 20 coals taken from beds in mines in different parts of the United States, will follow after the completion of testing in progress at the time of writing."
Date: 1933
Creator: Rice, George S.; Greenwald, H. P. & Howarth, H. C.

Tests of Rock-Dust Barriers in the Experimental Mine

Description: From Introduction: "The results summarized above are discussed in appropriate sections of this paper. One section is also devoted to barrier installations in commercial mines and gives the experience and opinion of the authors on the matter. The final sections deal with theoretical considerations involved in barrier operation."
Date: 1932
Creator: Rice, George S.; Greenwald, H. P. & Howarth, H. C.

Concrete Stoppings in Coal Mines for Resisting Explosions: Detailed Tests of Typical Stoppings and Strength of Coal as a Buttress

Description: From Forward: "This paper gives the details of tests to determine the design of stoppings capable of withstanding a pressure, applied to either side, of 50 pounds per square inch, as required by section 104 (a) of the Operating Regulations to Govern Coal-Mining Methods on Leased Lands on the Public Domain, issued in 1921 and quoted on page 3."
Date: 1931
Creator: Rice, George S.; Greenwald, H. P.; Howarth, H. C. & Avins, S.

First Series of Coal-Dust Explosion Tests in the Experimental Mine

Description: From Introduction: "This report has been prepared, not only for the purpose of recoding the results of the first series of coal-dust tests conducted in the experimental mine of the Bureau of Mines, but also to place before the mining public a description of the mine and an account of the objects sought in an its establishment."
Date: 1913
Creator: Rice, George S.; Jones, L. M.; Clement, J. K. & Egy, W. L.

General problem of the airplane

Description: A series of equations relating to airplanes are given and examples listed. Some of the equations listed include: the speed, altitude and carrying capacity of various airplanes; weight of an airplane; weight of various parts of an airplane; the polars of the wings; speeds of airplanes; radius of action.
Date: July 1, 1922
Creator: Richard, Maurice & Richard, Paul

Experimental Permeability Measurements on a Strut-Supported Transpiration-Cooled Turbine Blade with Stainless-Steel Shell made by the Federal-Mogul Corporation under Bureau of Aeronautics Contract N0as 51613-C

Description: A turbine blade with a porous stainless-steel shell sintered to a supporting steel strut has been fabricated for tests at the NACA by Federal-Mogul Corporation under contract from the Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the Navy. The apparent permeability of this blade, on the average, more nearly approaches the values specified by the NAGA than did two strut-supported bronze blades in a previous investigation. Random variations of permeability in the present blade are substantialy greater than those of the bronze blades, but projected improvements in certain phases of the fabrication process are expected to reduce these variations.
Date: April 29, 1954
Creator: Richards, Hadley T.