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Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) Technical Assistance Brochure
The Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) Technical Assistance Program provides the tools and assistance to help manufacturers identify their best energy-efficient, pollution-preventing options, from a systems and life-cycle cost approach. Technical Assistance focuses on five key opportunities for energy efficiency and waste reduction: electric motors, steam, compressed air, combined heat and power, and the Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs). By promoting the use of available technologies, Technical Assistance helps industry immediately impact its bottom-line performance and build its position in global markets.
Surface Reactions Studied by Synchrotron Based Photoelectron Spectroscopy
The goal of this article is to illustrate the use of synchrotron radiation for investigating surface chemical reactions by photoelectron spectroscopy. A brief introduction and background information is followed by examples of layer resolved spectroscopy, oxidation and sulfidation of metallic, semiconducting and oxide surfaces.
NREL's Desiccantcool web site
Learn about cutting-edge desiccant cooling and dehumidification technologies, current research, industry developments, and upcoming conferences and workshops on this website.