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Savannah River Project Site Report: 30,000 KW Prototype Partically Enriched Uranium Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant for United States Atomic Energy Commission Idaho Operations Office

Description: Report describing a modified prototype of a nuclear reactor that uses partially uranium-enriched fuel and is cooled by helium. The construction site, site safety aspects, and design and construction costs are included.
Date: March 1959
Creator: ACF Industries Incorporated. Nuclear Products - ERCO Division.


Description: S>Optical tooling has been evaluated for the measurement of physical dimensions of radioactive parts through hot cell windows. Instruments were set up outside of a four foot thick lead glass window and by means of a grid plate which had been accurately scribed, a ''contour map'' or calibration chart of the window variations was recorded. Although the window was not specially selected, the readings were within 1.0% of the true dimension without using correction factors. One of the calibration chart with the window reduced the error to plus or minus 0.1%. The method is considered feasible and sufficiently fast for a wide variety of hot cell measurements. A pin point light source is suggested as a simple check for selective assembly of lead glass laminates during manufacture of hot cell windows to provide control of optical properties. (auth)
Date: July 18, 1958
Creator: Abbatiello, A.A.


Description: A commercial light-weight portable bandsaw was fitted with a grip to permit it to be maneuvered remotely in a hot cell by means of a General Mills manipulator The bandsaw was supported in various positions to make cuts on typical pieces. Photographs show the saw in operation. (auth)
Date: February 19, 1958
Creator: Abbatiello, A.A.

Liquid Thermal Diffusion

Description: This volume is one set of a series which has been prepared as a record of the research work done under the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: January 1, 1951
Creator: Abelson, Philip H.; Rosen, Nathan & Hoover, John I.

Interim Report on the Location of Nonsaline Uraniferous Waters Suitable for Ion-Exchange Process

Description: From introduction: The Trace Elements Section Washington Laboratory had developed the methods used in anticipation of handling an increased volume of water analyses as this preliminary project is expanded into a full-scale investigation. The efforts of these groups were coordinated by the Trace Elements Planning and Coordination Office.
Date: November 1952
Creator: Aberdeen, E. J.; White, W. F.; Sherwood, A. M.; Bruce, F. L. & Ferguson, D. E.


Description: The commercial feasibility of the electrolytic process for Th production has been demonstrated. The cell produced 7 lb. of good quality metal per hour. A cathode cooling system was developed. The major construction materials, Ni and graphite, were satisfactory. The process yield was 86%. (T.R.H.)
Date: January 15, 1956
Creator: Abraham, L.; Merlub-Sobel, M.; Wyatt, J.L. & Wainer, E.

The effect of stick-force gradient and stick gearing on the tracking accuracy of a fighter airplane

Description: Report presenting steady straight-and-level and steady turning tracking runs against an aerial target using an F-51H airplane equipped with a fixed optical sight and with various combinations of maneuvering stick-force and stick-deflection gradients. Results regarding aim wander, elevator movement, and stick-force variation for various test conditions are provided.
Date: December 17, 1954
Creator: Abramovitz, Marvin & Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.

Theoretical Investigation of the Effects of the Artificial-Feel System on the Maneuvering Characteristics of the F-89 Airplane

Description: The possibility of overshooting the anticipated normal acceleration as a result of the artificial-feel characteristics of the F-89C airplane at a condition of minimum static stability was investigated analytically by means of an electronic simulator. Several methods of improving the stick-force characteristics were studied. It is shown that, due to the lag in build-up of the portion of the stick force introduced by the bobweight, it would be possible for excessive overshoots of normal acceleration to occur in abrupt maneuvers with reasonable assumed control movements. The addition of a transient stick force proportional to pitching acceleration (which leads the normal acceleration) to prevent this occurring would not be practical due to the introduction of an oscillatory mode to the stick-position response. A device to introduce a viscous damping force would Improve the stick-force characteristics so that normal acceleration overshoots would not be likely, and the variation of the maximum stick force in rapid pulse-type maneuvers with duration of the maneuver then would have a favorable trend.
Date: December 31, 1952
Creator: Abramovitz, Marvin; Schmidt, Stanley F. & Belsley, Steven E.

Investigation of the use of a stick force proportional to pitching acceleration for normal-acceleration warning

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the feasibility of modifying the transient portion of the stick force in abrupt maneuvers in order to eliminate inadvertent normal-acceleration overshoots. The modification consists of additional stick force proportional to a quantity which leads the normal acceleration. The characteristics introduced by the inclusion of the force were considered to be very desirable by pilots.
Date: August 14, 1953
Creator: Abramovitz, Marvin; Schmidt, Stanley F. & Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.