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Savannah River Project Site Report: 30,000 KW Prototype Partically Enriched Uranium Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant for United States Atomic Energy Commission Idaho Operations Office

Description: Report describing a modified prototype of a nuclear reactor that uses partially uranium-enriched fuel and is cooled by helium. The construction site, site safety aspects, and design and construction costs are included.
Date: March 1959
Creator: ACF Industries Incorporated. Nuclear Products - ERCO Division.
Item Type: Report

Liquid Thermal Diffusion

Description: This volume is one set of a series which has been prepared as a record of the research work done under the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: January 1, 1951
Creator: Abelson, Philip H.; Rosen, Nathan & Hoover, John I.
Item Type: Report

Theoretical Investigation of the Effects of the Artificial-Feel System on the Maneuvering Characteristics of the F-89 Airplane

Description: The possibility of overshooting the anticipated normal acceleration as a result of the artificial-feel characteristics of the F-89C airplane at a condition of minimum static stability was investigated analytically by means of an electronic simulator. Several methods of improving the stick-force characteristics were studied. It is shown that, due to the lag in build-up of the portion of the stick force introduced by the bobweight, it would be possible for excessive overshoots of normal acceleration to occur in abrupt maneuvers with reasonable assumed control movements. The addition of a transient stick force proportional to pitching acceleration (which leads the normal acceleration) to prevent this occurring would not be practical due to the introduction of an oscillatory mode to the stick-position response. A device to introduce a viscous damping force would Improve the stick-force characteristics so that normal acceleration overshoots would not be likely, and the variation of the maximum stick force in rapid pulse-type maneuvers with duration of the maneuver then would have a favorable trend.
Date: December 31, 1952
Creator: Abramovitz, Marvin; Schmidt, Stanley F. & Belsley, Steven E.
Item Type: Report

Effects of inlet icing on performance of axial-flow turbojet engine in natural icing conditions

Description: A flight investigation in natural icing conditions was conducted to determine the effect of inlet ice formations on the performance of axial-flow turbojet engines. The results are presented for icing conditions ranging from a liquid-water content of 0.1 to 0.9 gram per cubic meter and water-droplet size from 10 to 27 microns at ambient-air temperature from 13 to 26 degrees F. The data show time histories of jet thrust, air flow, tail-pipe temperature, compressor efficiency, and icing parameters for each icing encounter. The effect of inlet-guide-vane icing was isolated and shown to account for approximately one-half the total reduction in performance caused by inlet icing.
Date: May 25, 1950
Creator: Acker, Loren W & Kleinknecht, Kenneth S
Item Type: Report

Investigations on wings with and without sweepback at high subsonic speeds

Description: Drag tests at zero lift have been made at Mach numbers from 0.7 to approximately 0.95 in the high speed wind tunnel of the Institute of Aerodynamics, ETH, Zurich, on a group of untapered wings of aspect ratio 3.25, having sweep angles of 0 degree and 35 degrees. For each sweep angle, a series of geometrically similar models was tested at a constant Reynolds number to provide a verification of computed tunnel blocking corrections. Tests were also made for wings having thickness ratios of 0.09 and 0.12 and the results compared with results predicted by von Karman's similarity law.
Date: November 1, 1951
Creator: Ackeret, Jakob; Rott, Nikolaus & Degen, Max
Item Type: Report

Theoretical damping in roll and rolling moment due to differential wing incidence for slender cruciform wings and wing-body combinations

Description: A method of analysis based on slender-wing theory is developed to investigate the characteristics in roll of slender cruciform wings and wing-body combinations. The method makes use of the conformal mapping processes of classical hydrodynamics which transform the region outside a circle and the region outside an arbitrary arrangement of line segments intersecting at the origin. The method of analysis may be utilized to solve other slender cruciform wing-body problems involving arbitrarily assigned boundary conditions. (author).
Date: January 1, 1952
Creator: Adams, Gaynor J & DUGAN DUANE W
Item Type: Report


Description: Progress in the Fluorox program is reported. The chemical reaction of primary interest in the Fluorox program is the oxidation of UF/sub 4/ with O/sub 2/, 2UF/sub 4/ + O/sub 2/ = UO/sub 2/F/sub 2/ + UF/sub 6/; however, to study this process at higher temperatures, the thermal decomposition of UO/sub 2/F/sub 2/, 3UO/sub 2/F/sub 2/ = 2/3 U/sub 3 /O/sub 8/ + UF/sub 6/ + 1/3 O/sub 2/, is being investigated by thermogravimetric methods in the temperature range 750 to 900 deg C. A fluidized bed reactor and a flame reactor have been used successfully to perform the continuous oxidation of UF/sub 4/ with O/sub 2/. The 3-in. fluidized bed reactor was operated up to 825 deg C on both a continuous and batch basis while the flame reactor was used to continuously react finely divided UF/sub 4/ with O/sub 2/ in a CO-O/sub 2/ flame at temperatures greater than 1200 deg C. (auth)
Date: September 10, 1958
Creator: Adams, J.B.; Ferris, L.M. & Scott, C.D.
Item Type: Report