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The Determination of the Constants of Instrument Transformers

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over studies on instrument transformers. As stated in the first paragraph, "the principle of the method here described is the same for both current and potential transformers, being an application of the potentiometer method" (p. 281). The methods and equipment studied are presented and discussed.
Date: 1911
Creator: Agnew, P. G. & Fitch, T. T.

The Decline and Ultimate Production of Oil Wells, with Notes on the Valuation of Oil Properties

Description: From General Statement Purpose of the Report: "The present investigation was undertaken for the purpose of supplying some of the material so badly needed in the valuation and more efficient operation of oil properties. Because of the lack of time for further studies, the amount of data already accumulated and the policy of the Bureau of Mines of publishing as soon as possible any information that may be of use to an industry, the bulletin is issued now."
Date: 1919
Creator: Beal, Carl H.

Foundry-Cupola Gases and Temperatures

Description: From Introduction: "Among the investigations that the Bureau of Mines is conducting with a view to increasing efficiency in utilization of fuels belonging to or for the use of the Government is an investigation of the processes that take place in a foundry cupola during a melt."
Date: 1913
Creator: Belden, A. W.

Metallurgical Coke

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies on metallurgical coke. As stated in the introduction, "in this paper the attempt is made to summarize the history of coke making in the United States, to indicate the development of different methods and the modern types of ovens, and to point out the composition and physical properties of the metallurgical cokes produced in this country" (p. 5). This paper includes tables, illustrations, photographs, and a map.
Date: September 1913
Creator: Belden, A. W.

Waste of Oil and Gas in the Mid-Continent Fields

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies of waste in oil and gas fields in the mid-continent area. As stated in the introduction, this report "describes the general amounts and kinds of waste, and attempts to show the importance of conserving these natural resources" (p. 5). This paper includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: May 1914
Creator: Blatchley, Raymond S.

Oil-storage Tanks and Reservoirs with a Brief Discussion of Losses of Oil in Storage and Methods of Prevention

Description: From Introduction: "The Bureau of Mines has been conducting investigations with the view of determining the types of containers best adapted to the storage of oil. These investigations have shown that tanks composed wholly of steel give the best results. Practically all such containers in use at present have wooden roofs and this type of construction is here described, although it is the belief of the writer that concrete roofs would be far more satisfactory in every way, and that the difference in cost between a concrete and a wooden roof would, as a rule, in a few year's time, be offset by a saving oil and in cost of repairs and renewals."
Date: 1918
Creator: Bowie, C. P.

Rock Quarrying for Cement Manufacture

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over rock quarries in the United States. As stated in the introduction, "the bulk of the report deals with quarrying methods and equipment, and gives special attention to drilling and blasting; a chapter on rock mining and one on prospecting are included" (p. 1). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: June 1918
Creator: Bowles, Oliver

Sandstone Quarrying in the United States

Description: From Preface: "It is the aim of this bulletin to point out in a general way the location of workable sandstone deposits in the United States, and to outline the most efficient and economical methods of quarrying and preparing the rock for structural and other purposes."
Date: 1917
Creator: Bowles, Oliver

The Technology of Marble Quarrying

Description: From Preface: "The aim of this bulletin is to present to the marble workers of the United States a concise statement of the most efficient and economical methods now in use for producing and preparing marble. The observations outlined refer chiefly to the methods employed in the quarrying of marble and the conditions that affect successful operation; the structure of marble and its relation to quarry processes; waste through rock imperfections and inefficient quarry methods; and means of eliminating such waste or utilizing it if elimination is impossible."
Date: 1916
Creator: Bowles, Oliver