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Life-sustaining technology and the elderly: geriatric expertise in the context of critical and terminal care

Description: This report of OTA has conducted a study of a wide range of topics, some of which have recently been receiving a great deal of scrutiny inside and outside the government. In order to derive information specific enough to guide possible congressional action and to be responsive to the requesting Committees, this examination of the issues is specifically tied to particular life-sustaining technologies and their use with patients who are elderly. At the same time, much of this information is applicable to life-sustaining technology in general and to citizens of all ages.
Date: November 22, 1985
Creator: American Geriatrics Society

New developments in biotechnology: field-testing engineered organisms: genetic and ecological issues: contractor documents, volume 1

Description: This report includes these topics: Potential environmental impact of widespread releases of non-ice nucleating bacteria in agriculture / D.A. Andow, S.S. Snapp, and P.S. Teng -- An assessment of the impact of large-scale applications of ice-minus bacteria and other procedures designed to decrease population sizes of ice-nucleative-active bacteria on crops / Christen D. Upper, Susan S. Hirano, Gabor Vali.
Date: April 9, 1986
Creator: Andow, D. A.; Snapp, S. S. & Teng, P. S.

The impact of office automation on the quality of work life: policy implications

Description: This report focuses only on policy implication of video display terminals (VDT) usage in the areas of composition and edition/correction. The rest of the paper presents a brief discussion of the problems resulting from VDT adoption and usage in the office workplace, and the policy implications of both primary and instrumental impacts as described earlier.
Date: December 1984
Creator: Ashford, Nicholas A.

Distance learning case studies

Description: This report discuses distance learning projects, and ways telecommunications technologies such as satellites, cable television, fiber optics, slow scan TV, instructional television fixed services, and microcomputer networking have opened up opportunities for school districts to coordinate schedules and to share resources.
Date: June 1989
Creator: Barker, Bruce O.

Support for educational technology R & D: the federal role

Description: This report examines the history of the United States Federal Government support for education technology research and development. The report identifies funding level for several civilian and military Federal agencies over time period, nature of programs and projects supported, six case studies of illustrative R&D program, and factors policy recommendations.
Date: September 30, 1987
Creator: Blaschke, Charles; Hunter, Beverly & Zucker, Andrew

New developments in biotechnology: Requirements for deposit of microorganisms, plants, and animals and the role of the independent depository

Description: This report starts out with historical development of independent depositories. It then discusses general requirements for deposits of microorganisms, plants and animals as they relate to the application for a patent and the role of independent depository in facilitating provisions of patent law governing specifications of the a patent applications.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Bobbie A. Brandon

Influences on development and innovation in educational technology

Description: This report provides a look at the history of educational technology, including both successful and unsuccessful government and private enterprise projects during the past three decades. The report examines trends in technological factors and new technologies that will influence development of innovative educational hardware and software during the next five years.
Date: December 14, 1987
Creator: Brown, Dean; Kahn, Ted M. & Zauderer, Marvin M.

Developing law on professional standards and peer review in quality assessment activities

Description: This report describes the expanding role of professional standards and peer review activities in health-care quality assessment initiatives. It also describes how some traditional and some new quality assessment activities that involve professional and peer review are either building on or in conflict with existing legal processes and public policy.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Cahill, Nancy E.