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Onion Culture

Description: Report discussing the cultivation of onions, including Bermuda onions and green onions. Topics covered include climate and soil requirements, fertilizers, harvesting, storage and marketing.
Date: 1909
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

The Repair of Farm Equipment

Description: Report discussing the proper care and maintenance of farm equipment, including tools necessary for repair work and shop facilities capable of repair work. Contains illustrations of tools.
Date: 1909
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Drainage of Irrigated Lands

Description: Report discussing "the drainage of irrigated lands which have been seriously injured or rendered wholly unproductive by the seepage of irrigation water or by the rise of alkali, or by both combined.... This report not only describes the condition of the land, the details of its draining, and the results which were obtained in particular cases, but gives carefully drawn deductions from the experiments, together with directions for draining lands which have become too wet or too alkaline under the ordinary methods of irrigation for profitable cultivation. Methods of draining are not so well established for irrigated land as for land in humid areas, which fact suggests the propriety of describing methods that have been tested in specific cases." -- p. 2
Date: 1909
Creator: Brown, Charles F.

Notes on Explosive Mine Gases and Dusts: with Special Reference to Explosions in the Monongah, Darr, and Naomi Coal Mines

Description: From Introduction: "The studies herein reported were begun as a part of researches undertaken by the United States Geological Survey looking to the more efficient utilization of the coal in the United States through the reduction of the waste in its extraction, and were continued as part of further researches having regard to the conversation of the fuel resources of this country and to the lessening of injuries and fatalities in coal mining."
Date: 1909
Creator: Chamberlin, Rollin Thomas

Hog Cholera

Description: Report discussing the disease hog cholera, including its causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. Also discusses diseases which may be mistaken for hog cholera and methods of prevention and treatment.
Date: 1909
Creator: Dorset, M. (Marion)

Irrigation of Alfalfa

Description: Report discussing the best methods for irrigating lands that grow alfalfa. The border, check, flooding, and furrow methods are all discussed as well as farm ditches, necessary amounts of water, and irrigation methods in the winter.
Date: 1909
Creator: Fortier, Samuel

A Profitable Cotton Farm

Description: "This bulletin is an account of the progressive and successful farm operations of a farmer of South Carolina who, by combining thorough tillage, crop rotation, barnyard manure, and a judicious use of commercial fertilizer, has changed a previously badly managed and run-down cotton farm into a very productive and profitable enterprise. The impulse prompting the writing of this bulletin is the belief that it may suggest to other farmers of the South ways and means by which they may so improve their methods of management as to make their farms more profitable." -- p. 7
Date: 1909
Creator: Goodrich, C. L. (Charles Landon)

The Dehorning of Cattle

Description: Report discussing the proper method for dehorning cattle. Topics discussed include instruments necessary for dehorning and appropriate treatments for cattle that have been successfully dehorned.
Date: 1909
Creator: Hickman, Richard W. (Richard West), 1852-1926

Harmfulness of Headache Mixtures

Description: Report discussing "the nature of the drugs [acetanilide, antipyrine, phenacetin], their tendency to form habits, and their injurious effects, particularly their depressing action on the heart. The beneficial effects of that provision of the food and drugs act which requires that the presence of certain powerful or dangerous ingredients of medicinal preparations shall be declared on the label are only fully obtained when the consumer is aware of the character of such ingredients and the ill effects which may be expected to follow their injudicious use. This brief resume of the investigation is therefore presented in popular form as a matter of great importance to the general public." -- p. 2
Date: 1909
Creator: Kebler, Lyman F. (Lyman Frederic), b. 1863; Morgan, Francis P. (Francis Patterson), b. 1867 & Rupp, Philip, 1862-1939

How to Destroy Rats

Description: Report discussing the most effective methods for destroying and controlling rat populations. Methods discussed include rat-proofing buildings, withholding food, and using predators, traps, poisons, or fumigation.
Date: 1909
Creator: Lantz, David E. (David Ernest)

The Use of Milk as Food

Description: "Perhaps no article of diet is more important than milk, and the present bulletin discusses such questions as composition, digestibility, care of milk in the home, use of milk in cookery, and its economy as compared with other foods. Some general information is also summarized regarding such mlik products as butter, cheese, buttermilk, and whey." -- p. 3
Date: 1909
Creator: Milner, R. D. (Robert Denniston), b. 1869