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Biological Survey of Texas

Description: From introduction: "Report on the biological survey of Texas conducted over a number of years through collection of information and specimens. Focus on life zones and their subdivisions and on the mammals and reptiles of the state."
Date: October 24, 1905
Creator: Bailey, Vernon

Okra: Its Culture and Uses

Description: Report discussing best practices for the cultivation of okra and its potential uses in cooking, especially in soups and salads. Discussion includes soil preparation, varieties, and common insect enemies of okra.
Date: 1905
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Report on Progress of Investigations of Mineral Resources of Alaska in 1904

Description: From letter of transmittal: The report contains fourteen papers, prepared by ten members of the geologic corps, who have been engaged in Alaskan investigations during the last year. In this report an attempt has been made to summarize the economic results of last season's field work. Geologic matter has been entirely excluded, except where it has a direct bearing on the subjects under discussion. While such a report can have no permanent value, other than as a record of mining conditions during the year, it is believed that its prompt publication will help the mining industry of Alaska.
Date: 1905
Creator: Brooks, Alfred H.

Forest Planting and Farm Management

Description: Report promoting and explaining the role of forest planting in farm management. Planning preparations and model prairie farm are proposed. A farm in Ohio is used as an example of successful forest planting techniques in managing a farm. In addition, types of trees and planting methods are recommended.
Date: 1905
Creator: Clothier, George L. (George Lemon)


Description: Report discussing the cultivation of both red raspberries and black raspberries, as well as their preparation by curing and drying.
Date: 1905
Creator: Corbett, L. C. (Lee Cleveland), 1867-1940

The School Garden

Description: Report discussing the benefits of maintaining a school garden and the types of content which teachers might present to students for study. The discussion of lesson content includes suitable suggestions for lesson content for both rural and city students.
Date: 1905
Creator: Corbett, L. C. (Lee Cleveland), 1867-1940


Description: Report discussing the cultivation of tomatoes in the both the northern and southern United States and also its growth and preparation by canneries.
Date: 1905
Creator: Corbett, L. C. (Lee Cleveland), 1867-1940

The Corrosion of Fence Wire

Description: "The investigation of which this bulletin is in part a record has been carried on with a twofold purpose in view. The first object is to furnish information to the farmer which will enable him to exercise an intelligent judgment as to the difficulties involved in the manufacture of wire fencing which shall be low in price and at the same time resistant to rust and corrosion. The second object has been to determine, with the cooperation of progressive manufacturers and metallurgists, the causes which underlie the much too rapid corrosion of modern steel wire, and, if possible, to suggest improvements in methods of manufacture by means of which the difficulties may be at least partially, if not wholly, overcome." -- p. 5
Date: 1905
Creator: Cushman, Allerton S. (Allerton Seward), 1867-1930

Contributions to Economic Geology: 1904

Description: From letter of transmittal: The report contains 63 contributions from 37 members of the Survey who have been engaged more or less continuously throughout the year in economic work, together with brief statements by the geologists in charge of the section of metalliferous ores and the section of nonmetalliferous economic minerals, of the extent and character of the economic work being carried on in the Survey.
Date: 1905
Creator: Emmons, Samuel Franklin & Hayes, C. W.

Alfalfa Growing

Description: Report discussing the cultivation of alfalfa and its potential as a crop for hay and pastures. Also includes a discussion of the various weeds, pests, and fungi which affect alfalfa.
Date: 1905
Creator: Hitchcock, A. S. (Albert Spear), 1865-1935

Inoculation of Legumes

Description: Report discussing "the method of distributing bacteriologically pure cultures in a nitrogen-free nutrient solution in hermetically sealed tubes. Laboratory tests show that cultures of this kind may be readily handled and shipped and that they possess advantages over cultures dried on cotton." -- p. 3
Date: 1905
Creator: Kellerman, Karl F. (Karl Frederic), 1879-1934 & Robinson, T. Ralph

The Guinea Fowl and Its Use as Food

Description: "In the United States there is a growing market for guinea fowl as table birds, and therefore it has seemed desirable to summarize the available data regarding them. At some of the American experiment stations studies have been made of the composition of the flesh and eggs of this class of poultry, but so far as can be learned no tests have been made of their food requirements, the comparative value of different rations, or the best systems of care and management. Standard poultry books and files of poultry journals contain some references to guinea fowl and methods of feeding and caring for them, but the information thus available is meager and widely scattered. In the present bulletin such data have been summarized, as well as information secured by correspondence and in other ways. The discussions of the preparation of guinea fowl and guinea eggs for the table, and the character and quality of the cooked products are in considerable part based on experiments especially undertaken for this bulletin by teachers of domestic science and others." -- p. 3
Date: 1905
Creator: Langworthy, C. F. (Charles Ford), 1864-1932