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Pearl Millet

Description: Report discussing the recently renewed interest in pearl millet as a green fodder crop. Techniques for cultivation are discussed as well as the plant's disadvantages.
Date: 1903
Creator: Ball, Carleton R. (Carleton Roy), 1873-1958

Rape as a Forage Crop

Description: Report discussing the cultivation of the rape plant as a forage crop, including its varieties, soil requirements and preparation, and harvesting. Also describes various uses of rape as a forage crop, weed destroyer, and cover crop.
Date: 1903
Creator: Hitchcock, A. S. (Albert Spear), 1865-1935


Description: Report discussing the potential for cassava cultivation in the Gulf Coast States of the United States. Topics discussed include soil requirements, fertilizers, common diseases, harvesting, crop yields, and marketing.
Date: 1903
Creator: Hunter, W. D. (Walter David), 1875-1925

Principles of Horse Feeding

Description: "The bulletin discusses the general principles of feeding, with especial reference to horses, and summarizes the results of recent experimental work, particularly that of American experiment stations." -- p. 2. Discussion includes principles of nutrition, the nutritional value of different foods, methods of feeding, and rationing and feeding standards.
Date: 1903
Creator: Langworthy, C. F. (Charles Ford), 1864-1932

Scale Insects and Mites on Citrus Trees

Description: Report discussing scale insects, also known as bark-lice, which are regarded as the most significant insects enemies of citrus trees. Treatments are discussed as well as the different types of scale insects, which can be classified as either armored or unarmored.
Date: 1903
Creator: Marlatt, C. L.

Game Laws for 1903: A Summary of the Provisions Relating to Seasons, Shipment, Sale, and Licenses

Description: Report presenting information on the game laws effective in the United States and Canada for 1902, with special emphasis on federal laws and provisions governing interstate commerce. The report is not a comprehensive overview of state game laws.
Date: 1903
Creator: Palmer, T. S. (Theodore Sherman), 1868-1955; Oldys, Henry & Williams, R. W. (Robert White), 1877-1940

A Primer of Forestry

Description: This report discusses forests and treats the topic in four parts. The first part describes the life of an individual tree, and the second describes individual trees as parts of a forest. The third and fourth parts discuss forests as communities of trees and methods for preventing destruction of forests.
Date: 1903
Creator: Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946

Scab in Sheep

Description: "In this publication will be found a description of common scab of sheep, descriptions of several kinds of dipping plants suitable for use on small and on large farms, directions for preparing certain homemade dips, and directions for dipping. Remedies for scab are also given which have been tried and found most officious by this Bureau." -- p. 3
Date: 1903
Creator: Stiles, Charles Wardell, 1867-1941 & Salmon, D. E.

General Index to Experiment Station Record Volumes 01-12, 1989-1901 and to Experiment Station Bulletin Number 2

Description: A topical, alphabetically arranged index to volumes 1-12 including experiment station records, publications reviewed, and foreign publications. It has a 'Consolidated Table of Contents' which lists all editorial notes and publications of the experiment stations and Department of Agriculture from the referenced volumes.
Date: 1903
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

Experiment Station Work, [Volume] 21

Description: Bulletin issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture compiling selected articles from the Agricultural Experiment Stations. This bulletin contains articles on: Value of Barnyard Manue, Nitrate of Sode for Market-Garden Crops, Cooking Meat, Sugar-Beet Products, Feeding Horses, Plants Poisonous to Horses, Fattening Beef Catte, Profit from Dairy Cows, Shearing as Affecting Gains Made by Lambs, Soft Pork and Bacon, Purifying Milk, Cheese Prints, Draft of Farm Wagons, and the Disk Plow.
Date: 1903
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.