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Public Aid to Faith-Based Organizations (Charitable Choice): Background and Selected Legal Issues

Description: This report provides background on ten selected questions related to public aid for faith-based organization. Despite the ongoing controversy about charitable choice, not until the 107th Congress were there full hearings and extended debates on its constitutionality, efficacy, and public policy implications.
Date: March 28, 2003
Creator: Ackerman, David M.

Major Leadership Election Contests in the House of Representatives, 94th-111th Congresses

Description: This report contains data on votes for Speaker of the House for the 94th through 110th Congresses and elections in party conferences or caucuses for major leaders within each party for the 94th through 111th Congresses. It reflects actual balloting on the House floor for Speaker and in the Democratic Caucus and Republican Conference for other positions.
Date: December 31, 2008
Creator: Amer, Mildred

Speakers of the House: Elections, 1913-2017

Description: This report provides data on elections of the Speaker in each Congress since 1913, when the House first reached its present size of 435 Members. During that period (63rd through 115th Congresses), a Speaker was elected five times with the votes of less than a majority of the full membership.
Date: January 4, 2017
Creator: Beth, Richard S. & Heitshusen, Valerie

National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) for Law Enforcement

Description: This report provides a brief history of how the current National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) system evolved and operates. It includes information about issues that may be of concern to Members and committees of the 107th Congress, such as whether expanding NIBIN to include new gun purchases could be construed as a step toward a national gun registry system. The report also summarizes bills introduced in the 107th Congress related to NIBIN.
Date: July 3, 2001
Creator: Boesman, William C. & Krouse, William J.