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Airborne Gamma-Ray and Magnetometer Survey, Cortez Quadrangle (Colorado, Utah): Final Report, Volume 1

Description: First volume of a final report documenting the results of an airborne radiometric and magnetic survey in a portion of Colorado and Utah, including a description of the survey methods, calibration of the systems, data processing and displays, and interpretation methods.
Date: July 1979
Creator: Aero Service (Firm)
Location: None
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Interim Report on Exploration in the Yellow Cat Area, Grand County, Utah

Description: From introduction: This report summarizes the results of diamond-drill and wagon-drill exploration by the U. S. Geological Survey in the Yellow Cat area from October 9, 1951, to May 22, 1952. The Yellow Cat area is about 10 miles southeast of Thompsons, Grand County, Utah. It is accessable by two graded roads which leave U. S. Highway 50 at points 5 miles east of Thompsons and 7 miles west of Cisco, Utah. A sampling plant and purchasing depot, belonging to the United States Vanadium Co., is at Thompsons. The explored ground includes about 8 square miles principally in T. 22 S., R. 22 E., and the northern part of T. 23 S., R. 22 E., Salt Lake meridian (fig. 1). Altitudes in the area range from about 4, 600 feet to 5, 100 feet (datum is assumed but is approximately correct), and the relief is moderate.
Date: September 1952
Creator: Alvord, Donald C.
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Reconnaissance of Some Geologic Formations in Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah

Description: Abstract: A radiometric reconnaissance, using a portable beta-gamma survey meter, of some geologic formations ranging in age from Cambrian to Cretaceous, and springs in southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and northern Utah, has shown that none of them are sufficiently radioactive to warrant further examination of them in the area.
Date: January 1950
Creator: Anderson, Frank J.
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Uranium in the Dirty Devil Shimarump Channel Deposit

Description: From abstract: Uranium ores occur in a river channel deposit of composite type. Uranium and its daughter elements segregate during migration and each has its own accumulator. The entire deposit stays close to radioactive equilibrium but individual mineral components have departures up to 1000 fold.
Date: June 1952
Creator: Bain, George W.
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Geology of the Monument Valley-Navajo Mountain Region, San Juan County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Monument Valley-Navajo Mountain region is part of the Colorado Plateau and includes about 1,100 square miles in San Juan County, southeastern Utah, lying between the San Juan and Colorado Rivers on the north and the Utah-Arizona State line on the south. Included in the region are Navajo Mountain, the Rainbow Natural Bridge, and a part of the picturesque Monument Valley.
Date: 1936
Creator: Baker, Arthur A.
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Geochemistry of sericite and chlorite in well 14-2 Roosevelt Hot Springs geothermal system and in mineralized hydrothermal systems

Description: Chemical compositions of chlorite and sericite from one production well in the Roosevelt geothermal system have been determined by electron probe methods and compared with compositions of chlorite and sericite from porphyry copper deposits. Modern system sericite and chlorite occur over a depth interval of 2 km and a temperature interval of 250/sup 0/C.
Date: June 1, 1980
Creator: Ballantyne, Judith M.
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Distribution and Thickness of Salt in the Paradox Basin of Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah, A Preliminary Report

Description: The following report covers investigation work done on the distribution of thick deposits of salt that had occurred in the Paradox member of the Hermosa formation of Pennsylvanian age in an area nearly 12,000 square miles of southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Baltz, Elmer H.
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Interpretation and Evaluation of the Uranium Occurences Near Goodsprings, Nevada: Final Report

Description: Abstract: The uranium occurrences near Goodsprings, Clark Co., Nevada, are divided into two distinct types which differ from each other in geographic distribution, localization of mineralization, mineralogy and origin. None of the known deposits is of present commercial significance and therefore this study emphasizes the genetic rather than the economic aspects.
Date: December 31, 1954
Creator: Barton, Paul B., Jr. & Behre, Charles H., Jr.
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Mineral Resources of the Negro Bill Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Grand County, Utah

Description: Abstract: The Negro Bill Canyon (UT-060-138) Wilderness Study Area is in southeastern Utah in Grand County southeast of Arches National Monument and covers 7,620 acres. No mineral resources are identified in the study area. Lode mining claims cover the western part of the Negro Bill Canyon Wilderness Study Area; there are no patented claims in the study area. The mineral resource potential for gypsum, potash, halite, and bentonite on the surface and in the subsurface beneath the wilderness study area is high. The energy and mineral resource potential for oil, gas, carbon dioxide, uranium and vanadium on the surface and beneath the wilderness study area is moderate. The potential for helium gas, geothermal sources, and metals other than uranium and vanadium is low.
Date: 1990
Creator: Bartsch-Winkler, Susan; Case, James E.; Barton, Harlan N.; Duval, Joseph S. & Lane, Michael E.
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