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Rabbit Production

Description: "This bulletin sets forth the essential principles of rabbit raising and tells how to apply them in practice." -- p. ii. Topics discussed include necessary equipment, different breeds, feeding practices, and breeding practices, and preparing rabbits for market.
Date: 1934
Creator: Ashbrook, F. G. 1892- & Kellogg, Charles E.; 1890-

Feeding Horses

Description: Revised edition. "This bulletin explains the computation of rations for horses, suggests certain feed combinations which approximately meet the needs of horses under differing conditions, and reviews such factors of feeding as tend to make the horse more efficient." -- p. ii
Date: 1934
Creator: Bell, George A. (George Arthur), b. 1879 & Williams, J. O.

Improving the Farm Environment for Wild Life

Description: This bulletin discusses how farmers can improve their environment for wild life and game animals. Farmers should provide cover for wild life, ensure an adequate and continuous food supply, and take measures to protect wild life from farm operations, birds of prey, cats and dogs, diseases, etc.
Date: 1934
Creator: Grange, Wallace B. (Wallace Byron), 1905-1987 & McAtee, W. L. (Waldo Lee), 1883-1962

Farm Practice with Lespedeza

Description: "The use of lespedeza as a farm crop has rapidly increased during the past few years. The increase in the use of lespedeza is due partly to the excellent results that have been obtained by the farmers who have been growing the Common variety, for hay and for pasture and soil improvement, but more particularly to the introduction of some new varieties that produce better yields, are adapted to a wider range of climatic conditions, and are generally better suited to the needs of the average farm than is the Common variety. This bulletin is based on information collected from farmers located in the States of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky who are growing lespedeza regularly as a farm crop. The information includes methods of seeding, varieties used, the place in the cropping system usually occupied by lespedeza, and practices that have developed in connection with the production and use of the crop in these States." -- p. 1
Date: 1934
Creator: Miller, H. A.

Planning a Subsistence Homestead

Description: "Growing food for family-living purposes in connection with enough outside work to provide the family with the cash for necessary farm and family expenses is a combination that many families now want to develop.... This kind of farming has often been called subsistence farming and a farm of this kind a subsistence homestead. This part-time farming has certain problems of its own that are somewhat different from the usual farming problems. The family has to think of the quantity and variety of products it needs rather than of what the markets demand. Those who are inexperienced often overestimate the savings made possible by this way of living, and they often underestimate the costs in the way of the labor and cash necessary in such part-time farming.... This bulletin deals chiefly with the economic problems that will be met by those people who are planning to combine part-time farming and wage earning." -- p. 1-2
Date: 1934
Creator: Wilcox, Walter W. (Walter William), 1904-1999