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Growing annual flowering plants.
Provides brief descriptions of annual flowering plants and discusses cultural practices for maintaining them.
Farm drainage.
Describes the benefits of having a drainage system, and methods for planning and executing a variety of such systems.
Sugar beet culture in the northern Great Plains area.
Describes methods of planting, cultivating, harvesting, and utilizing byproducts of sugar beets.
The Farmer's Share of the Consumer's Food Dollar.
Describes the retail cost of food compared to the amount of money a farmer receives for it, including the cost of transportation.
Controlling Sagebrush on Range Lands.
Discusses various methods of controlling sagebrush; also describes regrassing and details benefits of doing so.
Plowing with moldboard plows.
Describes various types of plows, including horse plows and tractor plows, and plow attachments. Explains plow adjustments and clean plowing practices.
Russian Wild-Rye.
Describes the characteristics of Russian wild-rye, its development in the United States, and its production.
Seeding summer ranges in eastern Oregon and Washington
Describes the benefits and methods of range seeding, and provides a guide to seeding for various range types.
Fire Departments for Rural Communities: How to Organize and Operate Them.
Provides steps to take for organizing, adopting, and maintaining fire departments in rural communities.
A Rounded-Corner Hutch for Rabbits.
Provides a layout and instructions for building a rounded-corner hutch for rabbits.
An American-type cheese : how to make it for home use.
Steps for making cheese at home.
Diseases of cultivated lupines in the Southeast.
Describes the characteristics of diseases that threaten lupines in the southeastern United States.