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Hog Lice and Hog Mange: Methods of Control and Eradication.

Description: Revised edition. "The nature and habits of these parasites [hog lice and hog mange], symptoms caused by each species, and methods of control and eradication are discussed in this bulletin. Plans for hog wallows and dipping plants, with directions for building them, are also given." -- p. ii
Date: 1955
Creator: Kemper, H. E. & Peterson, H. O.

Sweetpotato Diseases

Description: Revised edition. There are two classes of sweet potato diseases, 1) field troubles (which are either root and stem diseases or leaf diseases), and 2) storage rots. Root and stem diseases include stem-rot, black-rot, foot-rot, scurf, and root-rot; and leaf disease, leaf-blight, white-rust, and leaf-spot. There are many methods of control for field diseases which are discussed. Control of the five storage rots described hinges on careful storage-house management.
Date: 1955
Creator: United States. Agricultural Research Service. Horticultural Crops Research Branch.