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The City Home Garden

Description: Revised edition. "Fresh vegetables for an average family may be grown upon a large back yard or city lot.... Thousands of acres of idle land that may be used for gardens are still available within the boundaries of our large cities. Some of the problems that confront the city gardener are more difficult than those connected with the farm garden, and it is the object of this bulletin to discuss these problems from a practical standpoint." -- p. 2. Soil preparation, tools, seeding, watering, diseases and pests, and space issues are all discussed and brief descriptions of several vegetables are given.
Date: 1938
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Implements and Methods of Tillage to Control Soil Blowing on the Northern Great Plains

Description: This bulletin tools and methods of tilling which can help reduce or control soil blowing and soil erosion on farms in the northern Great Plains of the United States. Among the crops discussed with relation to tilling methods are beans, corn, sorghum, potatoes, alfalfa, and sweet clover.
Date: 1938
Creator: Cole, John S. (John Selden) & Morgan, George W.

Muscadine Grapes

Description: "Muscadine grapes are indigenous to the southeastern section of the United States, where they grow in greater or less profusion in the wild state. Through careful selection from the wild grapes and scientific breeding there have been developed a considerable number of varieties particularly adapted to the home needs in the Southeast, both as table grapes and as raw material for a variety of food and beverage products. Not being resistant to low winter temperatures they do not thrive in the northern grape districts. Muscadines are relatively resistant to grape diseases and insect pests and do well with a minimum of care, but, like most fruits, respond favorably to good cultural treatment. This bulletin sets forth in nontechnical form the information accumulated by the Department [of Agriculture] over a considerable period of years on muscadine grape varieties, their bleeding, culture, and uses." -- p. ii
Date: 1938
Creator: Dearing, Charles

Infectious Anemia (Swamp Fever)

Description: Infectious anemia (which is also known as swamp fever) is a disease which afflicts horses and mules and results in significant financial losses for farms every year. This bulletin discusses the causes and forms of the disease, the accompanying anatomical changes in infected animals, the diagnostic process, and control measures which can be taken to prevent further spread of this serious illness.
Date: 1938
Creator: Gochenour, William S. (William Sylva), b. 1891; Stein, C. D. (Clarence Dinsmore), b. 1889 & Osteen, Oswald L. (Oswald Lamont), b. 1908

Growing Fruit for Home Use

Description: Revised edition. "This bulletin aims to furnish, in concise form, information that will be of practical help to the amateur fruit grower. It deals with the widely grown temperate-climate fruits, such as the apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, grape, and berries. Lists are given of varieties desirable for the different parts of the country. Because of the number of fruits considered and the territory covered, cultural directions are necessarily brief, but they cover the most important general points." -- p. 2
Date: 1938
Creator: Gould, H. P.

Terracing for Soil and Water Conservation

Description: This bulletin describes terracing methods that are able to combat soil erosion and conserve water. There are three types of terraces (drainage, absorptive, and bench) and plans, specifications, construction practices are provided in the bulletin.
Date: 1938
Creator: Hamilton, C. L.

Grading Dressed Turkeys

Description: "From the producer's standpoint, the correct grading of turkeys is a very important factor in the success of his enterprise. Without dependable grading, successful marketing is practically impossible, and without successful marketing, little profit may be expected. Whether the producer grades his own turkeys or has this done by a licensed grader, a familiarity with the grade descriptions and how the grades are applied will create a mutual understanding and be a source of satisfaction to producers, graders, and buyers. How to grade according to Government standards can be learned by any producer who makes a thorough study of the grade factors involved. This bulletin attempts to point out by description and illustration the most important of these factors." -- p. ii
Date: 1938
Creator: Heitz, Thomas W.

Making Lime on the Farm

Description: "The farmer can buy lime from commercial sources in the form and degree of purity desired; he can produce his own if he has a convenient supply of raw material; or he can cooperate with his neighbors in working a deposit. This bulletin deals with factors which should be considered by a farmer or a group of farmers before investing in equipment for obtaining lime from limestone or marl." -- p. 1
Date: 1938
Creator: Kessler, N. A.

Culture and Pests of Field Peas

Description: This bulletin discusses the culture of the field and diseases and insects which commonly afflict it. Diseases discussed include leaf spot, stem blight, bacterial blight, left blotch, powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, fusarium wilt, root rot, and mosaic. The pea weevil, aphid, and moth are the insects discussed, as well as the nematode.
Date: 1938
Creator: McKee, Roland & Schoth, H. A. (Harry August), b. 1891

Soil Defense in the South

Description: "This bulletin describes farming practices that conserve soil, and how such practices may be applied to farms in a large part of the South. Its scope is limited to that part of the Cotton Belt extending west from the Georgia-Alabama line to central Texas and southern Oklahoma." -- p. i.
Date: 1938
Creator: Rowalt, E. M.

Soil Defense in the Northeast

Description: This bulletin discusses methods of soil conservation in the northeastern United States that can prevent erosion. Soil conservation practices vary with the type of agriculture being used. In addition to general farming, conservation for dairying, orcharding, market gardening, and single-crop farming are discussed.
Date: 1938
Creator: Rule, Glenn K. (Glenn Kenton), 1893-