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Better Grain-Sorghum Crops

Description: "This paper presents the best-known methods of improving the grain-sorghum crops on the farms where they are grown. These methods are simple and inexpensive of time or money, and are therefore within the reach of all farmers. More attention to the bettering of the quality and yields will be repaid as fully in these crops as in other cereals." -- p. 2. Sorghum crops can be improved for drought resistance, earliness, stature, productivity, and adaptability to machine techniques.
Date: 1911
Creator: Ball, Carleton R. (Carleton Roy), 1873-1958
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Growing Hard Spring Wheat

Description: "This bulletin discusses the topographic, soil, and climatic features of the northern Great Plains, with special reference to the production of hard spring wheat in that area. Cultural methods for growing the crop are given." -- title
Date: 1915
Creator: Ball, Carleton R. (Carleton Roy), 1873-1958 & Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888
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Uses of Sorghum Grain

Description: This report discusses the uses of sorghum grain for human food and animal feed, including information about nutrition, digestibility, and storage and preparation. Sorghum is grown primarily in the southern Great Plains of the United States.
Date: 1915
Creator: Ball, Carleton R. (Carleton Roy), 1873-1958 & Rothgeb, Benton E.
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The Decline and Ultimate Production of Oil Wells, with Notes on the Valuation of Oil Properties

Description: From General Statement Purpose of the Report: "The present investigation was undertaken for the purpose of supplying some of the material so badly needed in the valuation and more efficient operation of oil properties. Because of the lack of time for further studies, the amount of data already accumulated and the policy of the Bureau of Mines of publishing as soon as possible any information that may be of use to an industry, the bulletin is issued now."
Date: 1919
Creator: Beal, Carl H.
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Common Birds of Southeastern United States in Relation to Agriculture

Description: Revised edition. This report discusses birds commonly found in the southeastern United States with special regard to their diets and the impact these birds have on agriculture and insects in this region.
Date: 1918
Creator: Beal, F. E. L. (Foster Ellenborough Lascelles), 1840-1916; McAtee, W. L. (Waldo Lee), 1883-1962 & Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884-1972
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Water-Quality and Fluvial-Sediment Characteristics of Selected Streams in Northeast Kansas

Description: From purpose and scope: The purposes of this investigation were to: (1) establish a data base for water-quality and fluvial-sediment characteristics of selected streams that will serve as a basis for documenting current (1982) conditions, (2) develop relationships between streamflow or specific conductance and water-quality characteristics that can be used to describe water-quality characteristics and determine discharges of dissolved solids, and (3) develop relationships between streamflow and suspended sediment that can be used to determine suspended sediment discharges of streams in the study area.
Date: 1982
Creator: Bevans, Hugh E.
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Waste of Oil and Gas in the Mid-Continent Fields

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies of waste in oil and gas fields in the mid-continent area. As stated in the introduction, this report "describes the general amounts and kinds of waste, and attempts to show the importance of conserving these natural resources" (p. 5). This paper includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: May 1914
Creator: Blatchley, Raymond S.
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Catalog of Recorded Exploration Drilling and Mine Workings, Tri-State Zinc-Lead District--Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing mining practices conducted in the tri-state district of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. As stated in the introduction, "the catalog preserves the records of accomplished explorations and mine developments in the district and provides a readily available source of information for individuals and firms interested in planning mineral explorations, Government agencies estimating of reserves of mineral resources, and the mining industry for general use" (p. 1). This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations
Date: 1960
Creator: Brichta, Louis Chanborn
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Practical Evaluation of Electrical-Resistivity Surveys as a Guide to Zinc-Lead Exploratory Drilling, Badger-Peacock Camp and Vicinity, Cherokee County, Kansas

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on geophysical surveys for exploratory drilling. Electrical-resistivity techniques are discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: 1958
Creator: Brichta, Louis Chanborn & Ryan, J. Patrick
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The Roundheaded Apple-Tree Borer

Description: This report discusses the roundheaded apple-tree borer, an insect in the eastern and midwestern United States that, in its larval stage, destroys the bark and wood of apple trees. Several methods of control are discussed, including worming, paints and washes, and sprays.Apple-tree borers.
Date: 1915
Creator: Brooks, Fred E.
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Final Master Work Plan: Environmental Investigations at Former CCC/Usda Facilities in Kansas, 2002 Revision.

Description: The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has entered into an interagency agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under which Argonne National Laboratory provides technical assistance for hazardous waste site characterization and remediation for the CCC/USDA. Carbon tetrachloride is the contaminant of primary concern at sites in Kansas where former CCC/USDA grain storage facilities were located. Argonne applies its QuickSite(reg sign) Expedited Site Characterization (ESC) approach to these former facilities. The QuickSite environmental site characterization methodology is Argonne's proprietary implementation of the ESC process (ASTM 1998). Argonne has used this approach at several former CCC/USDA facilities in Kansas, including Agenda, Agra, Everest, and Frankfort. The Argonne ESC approach revolves around a multidisciplinary, team-oriented approach to problem solving. The basic features and steps of the QuickSite methodology are as follows: (1) A team of scientists with diverse expertise and strong field experience is required to make the process work. The Argonne team is composed of geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists, chemists, biologists, engineers, computer scientists, health and safety personnel, and regulatory staff, as well as technical support staff. Most of the staff scientists are at the Ph.D. level; each has on average, more than 15 years of experience. The technical team works together throughout the process. In other words, the team that plans the program also implements the program in the field and writes the reports. More experienced scientists do not remain in the office while individuals with lesser degrees or experience carry out the field work. (2) The technical team reviews, evaluates, and interprets existing data for the site and the contaminants there to determine which data sets are technically valid and can be used in initially designing the field program. A basic mistake sometimes made in the site characterization process is failure to …
Date: January 23, 2003
Creator: Burton, J. C.
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Growing Winter Wheat on the Great Plains

Description: "This bulletin is intended to answer the requests for information on the production of winter wheat on the Great Plains under dry-farming conditions that arise from the stimulus of a present and prospective price much higher than that under which the agriculture of the section has been developed and from the campaign for a large increase in the crop to meet the necessities of war conditions." -- p. 3. Topics discussed include wheat varieties and seeding.
Date: 1917
Creator: Chilcott, E. C. (Ellery Channing), 1859-1930 & Cole, John S. (John Selden)
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Preventing Soil Blowing on the Southern Great Plains

Description: "Soil blowing is often a serious problem from December to May [in the Southern Great Plains], when the soil is, in many cases, bare and winds are high. This period is often referred to as the 'blow season.' The whole art of preventing and controlling soil blowing consists in keeping nonblowing materials on the surface. These may be crops, crop residues, or clods. When crops are absent, the essential feature in preventing soil blowing is the use of implements that lift clods and other nonblowing materials to the surface rather than implements that pulverize or destroy them.... Since tillage is dependent on implements, it seems of first importance to consider the implements that may be used to discuss their merits and shortcomings in relation to soil blowing.... From the general principles stated and the specific examples of implement use given, most farmers can probably decide on the correct applications for their farms." -- p. 1-3
Date: 1937
Creator: Chilcott, E. F. (Ellery Franklin), 1885-
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The Hard Red Winter Wheats

Description: This bulletin discusses the classes and varieties of hard red winter wheats and the areas in which they are successfully grown. Among the varieties discussed are Turkey, Kharkof, Kanred, Blackhull, Minturki, and Baeska.
Date: 1922
Creator: Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888 & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
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Flood of June 15, 1981, in Great Bend and Vicinity, Central Kansas

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to summarize the events that led to the flooding in and around Great Bend, Kansas, to present a summary of estimated damages resulting from the storm, and to document the magnitude and frequency of the measured peak discharges. The report was prepared in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Transportation. Information and additional assistance were obtained from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District.
Date: 1982
Creator: Clement, Ralph W. & Johnson, David G.
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Vibroseismic Survey, Railroad Test Embankment, Aikman, Kansas

Description: Report regarding refraction seismic and vibratory tests conducted on a railroad test embankment near Aikman, Kansas as well as attenuation and dynamic laboratory tests. The refraction seismic tests indicated the existence of two distinct velocity zones, one for the embankment and one for the underlying limestone bedrock.
Date: June 1972
Creator: Curro, Joseph R., Jr.
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