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Critical stress of thin-walled cylinders in axial compression

Description: Empirical design curves are presented for the critical stress of thin-walled cylinders loaded in axial compression. These curves are plotted in terms of nondimensional parameters of small-deflection theory and are compared with theoretical curves derived for the buckling of cylinders with simply supported and clamped edges. An empirical equation is given for the buckling of cylinders having a length-radius ratio greater than about 0.75. The test data obtained from various sources follow the general trend of the theoretical curve for cylinders with clamped edges, agreeing closely with the theory in the case of short cylinders, but falling considerably below the theoretical results for long cylinders. The discrepancy in the case of long cylinders increases with increasing values of the ratio of radius to wall thickness. Plotting curves for different values of this ratio reduces the scatter in the test data and a certain degree of correlation with theory is achieved. Advantage is taken of this correlation to obtain estimated design curves for cylinders with simply supported edges, for which little experimental information is available. (author).
Date: January 1, 1947
Creator: Batdorf, S. B.; Shildcrout, Murry & Stein, Manuel

Damping in pitch and roll of triangular wings at supersonic speeds

Description: The expressions for the damping derivatives in pitch and roll of triangular wings are derived by means of the linearized theory. In the method used, the wing is represented by an unknown distribution of doublets. An integral equation containing the unknown distribution is set up and solved by analogy with known incompressible flow relations. It is pointed out that the results may be used to obtain damping coefficients of a limited series of sweptback wings, the most interesting of which are the so-called "arrow wings.".
Date: April 1, 1948
Creator: Brown, Clinton E & Adams, Mac C