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For their future-- : buy war bonds.
Painting of a blonde woman in a blue shirt and red and white striped skirt, holding a blonde baby. There is a blue sky behind them with some clouds. They are both looking down at a black toy lamb, with a flower wreath around its head. The poster is bordered by a painted picture frame. "BUY WAR BONDS" is in what would be a metal plate fastened to the "frame"
Lumber does its stuff --a long way from home.
Poster consists of photographs and text in a purple-red tone. Six photographs depict the use of lumber by the U.S. armed forces in World War II: to build bridges, tents, and life rafts, and to ship supplies. Photos also illustrate how wooden shipping crates are re-used by field post offices and commissaries in the South Pacific.
China first to fight! : United China Relief participating in National War Fund.
Color poster of Chinese soldier in a green uniform, walking behind a woman holding the hand of child. Both the woman and child are dressed in plain blue traditional Chinese clothing. The woman's arm is in a sling and a bloody bandage can be seen on her wrist. The poster background is bright yellow.
Learn to recognize these vehicles : light tanks and self-propelled weapons.
Chart features black & white drawings of front and profile views of various light tanks and self-propelled weapons. Included are American, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, and English vehicles. A green box in the lower left corner provides tips for identification.
Keep America rolling! : save your 5 best tires, sell others to Uncle Sam.
Black & white photograph on a yellow base. A smiling man holds a tire. He has dark hair and he wears a shirt and vest. In the background is a sedan parked next to a picket fence.
Ours-- to fight for : freedom from fear.
Color poster of a mother and father tucking two children into bed. The father is holding glasses and a newspaper that reads "BOMBINGS KI- HORROR HIT."
"Keep 'em flying!"
Small banner has a border along the top and bottom margins in a red, white, and blue "stars and stripes" design. In the middle is a slogan in blue: "Keep 'Em Flying!"
Win with tin.
Poster in red and black tones. A series of graphic illustrations with captions provide instructions for preparing empty tin food cans for recycling.
Reach your boy overseas by V mail, the letters that travel on film ... : your stationer and post office have V...-mail letter forms.
Color poster shows a picture of a helmeted soldier's face at right. The letters in "V mail" are formed by an image of film that is coming off of a reel. The background of the main part of the poster is yellow.
Keep the home front pledge : pay no more than ceiling prices, pay your points in full.
Color poster promoting compliance with food conservation and price control programs. A young blond woman in an apron raises her hand to take a pledge. By her shoulder is a small inset box featuring a graphic image of a hand carrying a food basket, with the slogan, "Food Fights for Freedom". Additional captions contained in this inset are "Produce and Conserve" and "Share and Play Square".
American Junior Red Cross.
A color illustration of a neatly dressed young man and woman. The young man holds a raised Red Cross flag in one hand; his other hand is raised and index finger extended. The young woman wears a yellow dress and carries a Red Cross box, a wooden board-game box, and a child's dress in her arms. A town is seen in the background.
Just be sure you put at least 10% of it in war bonds! : top that 10%!
Cartoon-like image in color. A blonde-haired woman in a pink nightgown reaches into the pocket of a pair of men's pants. A man lying in the bed nearby winks at her and says, "Just be sure you put at least 10% of it in war bonds!"
German army uniforms and insignia.
Color poster showing the insignia, patches, hats and uniforms of the German army. The poster features two figures: one is a German soldier wearing the blue field uniform and the other is a German soldier wearing the brown Afrika Korps uniform. Also depicted are the national emblems worn on headgear.
Lumber goes to war : more lumber means victory sooner : keep it coming.
Comic-book style drawings with captions illustrate how lumber is used in war: for floating dry docks for ship repair, Army gliders, train boxcars, and airplane propellers. Black drawings on blue paper.
Wood shelters our planes : the Army & Navy need 156,000,000 board feet a year for hangars.
Scene of men building a hangar. In the foreground are several stacks of lumber. Two Army airplanes fly overhead.
If you talk too much, this man may die.
A sailor looks out of a porthole. He wears an enlisted service dress blue uniform.
Is your trip necessary? : needless travel interferes with the war effort.
Black & white photograph of a bus or train car which is overcrowded with passengers. Many of the passengers are servicemen in uniform. The rest are civilian men, women, and children.
If you tell where they're going-- they may never get there! : don't talk about troop movements!
Black and white image of soldiers boarding a ship.
A half-filled stamp album is like a half-equipped soldier.
Long banner with text in the middle and images on the left and right sides. On the left side is a soldier holding a "missing" gun. On the right side is an image of a stamp album.
Homemaker's war guide.
Chart with columns providing illustrated suggestions for supporting the war effort. Colors used are red, blue, black/gray and white. Topics include conserving, storing, and reusing food, textiles, rubber, and metals, and instructions for taking protective measures in case of attack, and for participating in wartime community organizations. Centered at top of the poster is a graphic image representing women in various work and military uniforms, standing with airplanes, ambulances, a car, and a tank. The "homemaker" is highlighted at center and is represented wearing an apron, holding a saucepan, standing inside a red house.
Get in the scrap.
Four images in black with gray backgrounds and captions in red. The black images are: an aerial bomb, a tank, a battleship, and an anti-aircraft gun. The gray background design incorporates outline images of various junk metal objects. Each caption describes the finished object and the amount of scrap metal required to produce it.
German navy uniforms and insignia.
Color poster showing the insignia, patches, hats and uniforms of the German navy. The poster features four figures wearing different navy uniforms: a white summer uniform, a blue service dress uniform, a blue signal corps uniform, and a green officer's field service dress uniform. Also shown are the national emblems which appear on headgear and buttons. Also included are charts showing German pronunciation and a comparison of ratings (ranks) in U.S. and German navies.
"Doing all you can, brother?" : buy war bonds.
Color poster shows a close-up of a soldier with a bandaged head and a blood-stained khaki uniform. He has light-colored hair and blue eyes. In the background, a barren field lies scattered with broken or abandoned machinery.
This poster features six individual cartoon panels illustrating the identification of various poisonous gases, including lewisite, mustard, tear, phosgene and clorpicrin. The text is printed in red and black. The cartoons are gray and black line drawings with selective fill of pink and red.
Give your good books to our fighting men : the books you'd like to keep are the good ones to give.
Poster is printed in burnt sienna color. At the lower right corner are shown the heads and shoulders of three military men in uniform. In the upper left corner are hands holding books. A stream of books falls from the hands toward the men.
The guys who don't say much.
Black & white poster. At left is an article describing the "average man". At right is a photograph of a man wearing a plaid shirt and plaid jacket, overalls, a cap, and smoking a pipe. Below the photo are "Questions and Answers about Bonds and Stamps".
Girl Scouts : volunteers for victory.
A black and white photo of a Girl Scout using the three-finger Scout Sign (salute), standing next to a U.S. flag. She wears a Girl Scout uniform and hat. The Girl Scout Promise appears below the picture: "On my honor I will try: To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people at all times, To obey the Girl Scout Laws." The Girl Scout trefoil design (insignia) appears as a watermark-style design under this text.
This is the enemy.
Stylized caricature of a scowling German soldier. There is a swastika on his cap. He wears a monocle in one eye; in the monocle is a reflection of a person hanging on a gallows.
"Grodowski is my name."
A neatly-dressed man looks at the viewer as he steps up into a tractor. To the left of the photo there is an extended text where he describes himself as an American son of immigrants "born on the other side" and tells of his family's dream to live in peace and prosperity. At the bottom of the poster is a box that lists the financiers of the advertisement.
United we are strong : united we will win.
Artillery gun barrels decorated with the flags of the Allies, all firing in unison.
The five Sullivan brothers, "missing in action" off the Solomons : they did their part.
Black & white photograph of the five Sullivan brothers in U.S. Navy uniforms, standing behind a bulkhead door, with blue service stars above each head. Red border. From left to right: Joseph Eugene Sullivan, Francis Henry Sullivan, Albert Leo Sullivan, Madison Abel Sullivan, and George Thomas Sullivan.
We can--we will--we must!--Franklin D. Roosevelt: buy U.S. war savings bonds & stamps now.
Image of a flying U.S. flag on a blue and white background surrounded by a gray border. Inset at left contains a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt with a small image of the Concord Minute Man statue.
The four freedoms : message to the 77th Congress -- January 6, 1941.
The Four Freedoms, printed in red and black, with President Franklin D. Roosevelt's signature at the bottom. Beneath this is a border of red with white stars.
84th Inf. Div. Special Service presents the Railsplitters Revue "On the Beam" : all soldier stage show featuring "The Ballet Moose". . ..
A flyer for a musical revue given by and/or for soldiers at the T.S.C.W. (Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas?) in 1943. There are no images, only text in various blue and red tones.
The enemy is listening : he wants to know what you know : keep it to yourself.
All-lettered poster in black and red tones urging the reader not to discuss information which may affect national security.
Get a load of this-- : the Army needs lumber for crates and boxes.
Color poster of three soldiers loading crates with a lifting device consisting of ropes attached to a metal hook. Two soldiers are shirtless; all are wearing helmets. In the background, bombs explode in the water near a boat loaded with wooden crates.
85 million Americans hold war bonds.
A color image of a man's hand clenching war bonds, as the Statue of Liberty's hand holds its torch above, against a starry night sky. The man's hold on the bonds mimics the statue's hold on the torch.
During this emergency, serve your country in the U.S. Naval Reserve.
Poster is in red and blue against an off-white background. A sailor is welding a large piece of metal. He wears goggles and welding gloves and a sailor's cap. Centered on the lower border of the poster is a small picture of a ship at sea.
Do with less, so they'll have enough! : rationing gives you your fair share.
Color poster of a soldier smiling and holding a large metal cup. The soldier wears a helmet and an olive-colored shirt.
A blow to the Axis, more lumber for the Army.
A shirtless man uses an axe to chop down a tree. He wears a hat and blue jeans, with a red bandana in his back pocket.
Am I proud! : I'm fighting famine-- by canning food at home.
This is a color poster with a 1/4" inch border. A dark-haired woman with a wide-eyed expression holds three large glass jars of vegetables in her arms. Three more jars can be seen at the lower area of the picture. The woman wears a ruffled apron.
A message about food from the President of the United States.
A message from President Harry Truman, urging Americans to grow, preserve, and conserve food. This is an all lettered poster, white printing on blue background, with a U.S. seal appearing at the top center.
A message about food from the President of the United States.
A message from President Harry Truman, urging Americans to grow, preserve, and conserve food. This is an all lettered poster, white printing on blue background, with a U.S. seal appearing at the top center.
Your victory garden counts more than ever!
In the background is a view of a garden with a man and woman cultivating and weeding; foreground is an arrangement of various vegetables, including peas in the shell, cabbage, and carrots.
Grow your own : be sure!
Color poster shows a group of fruits and vegetables on a table. Two red-white-and-blue ribbons in a "V" shape rise from the table.
For work, for play, 3 "squares" a day : eat the Basic 7 way.
A series of silhouette images against blue, red, and yellow backgrounds: man using industrial machine, woman washing, boy hoeing; man with fishing pole, woman with tennis racket, boy with baseball bat; man seated eating at table, woman standing and handing steaming dish to boy seated at table.
Join us on the farm front! : be a Victory Farm Volunteer of the U.S. Crop Corps.
Black & white photo superimposed on a blue background. A smiling young teenage boy and girl stand in a farm field, holding farm tools.
Every child needs a good school lunch : the War Food Administration will help your community start a school lunch program.
Color poster shows a graphic image of a boy and girl playing baseball. A school house can be seen in the background. In the foreground is superimposed a black & white photograph of a boy eating at a table. He has a plate of cooked food, a glass of milk, and fruit. He wears overalls and a striped shirt.
Get the Jap and get it over! : work where you're needed.
Bullet-ridden and tattered Japanese and German flags (of World-War II era) fly on a bamboo pole. Background is in shades of green.
"Of course I can! : I'm patriotic as can be-- and ration points won't worry me!"
A dark-haired woman with a wide-eyed expression holds three large glass jars of vegetables in her arms. Three more jars can be seen at the lower area of the picture. The woman wears a ruffled apron.