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Your war bonds are a stake in the future.
Painting of an engraved stone plaque affixed to an outer red brick wall of a building. The plaque has an eagle/shield at the top and the text engraved below it. A U.S. flag wrapped around its pole leans toward the plaque in the foreground.
Your metal is their might!
Three helmeted soldiers operate a large machine gun. Shells from the gun shower downward below it. Smoke from an explosion is seen in the background.
U.S.A. in action : official pictures from world battlefronts.
A series of black & white photographs depicting the use and transport of military supplies.
"Keep that lumber coming!"
Soldiers carry a beam of wood down to a river where a bridge is being built. The soldier on the right side of the picture is looking back and shouting toward the viewer. In the background is tropical scenery, an explosion, and artillery.
Your metals fight on every front!
A series of six brown-tinted photographs with captions depicting the uses of metals in the armed forces during World War II. Describes the use of metals for vehicles, airplanes, bombs, and guns.
U.S.A. in action : ASF men and material on far-off fronts.
A series of black & white photographs depicting the use and transport of military supplies.
Here's why we need more metal to win this war.
Poster features a series of six black & white photographs on a black background. The photographs are of military weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and a ship. Each photograph has a caption describing the amount of copper, zinc, and lead used to manufacture the equipment shown.
Metal makes might! : keep it coming!
Navy and white poster has blue background with text at the top. There are six blue and white pictures in two rows of three depicting metal in use. Each picture has a caption at the bottom and a white border.
We need more metal for more weapons.
Poster in green and white tones with green-tinted photographs. Poster shows a series of photographs of military equipment with captions describing the types of metals used for each. Photographs include: an army truck, a battleship, a B-24 bomber plane, a searchlight, an anti-aircraft gun, and tanks.
Your metal in action.
A series of blue-tinted photographs with captions depicts the use of metal for war weapons and ships.
"Not behind the plow"-- your metals are in the Army -- everywhere.
Five photos of various war-related activities to show where metal goes to use in the armed services.
Wood flies to war : the Army & Navy need 20,000 square feet of plywood for each cargo plane.
A U.S. Army airplane flies through dark clouds.
Tomorrow may be too late!
Black and white cartoon of Hideki Tojo and an American miner. Each has a caption in a bubble above his head. Tojo is trying to influence the miner to slack off on his work but the miner is not influenced.
Hit 'em with Copper, Zinc, Lead
Black and white cartoon of Uncle Sam and a miner. Miner: "Gosh, I would like to take a crack at those Japs!" Uncle Sam: "You're doin' it every day - with every ton of ore you mine to make tanks, planes and guns"
The development of self-government in British India.
A chart showing the development of self-governance in India from 1861 to 1942. Indians are represented as blue figures and British are represented as black figures. Chart shows Indian participation in the Viceroy and Executive Council, the Legislature, and the Provincial Government (departments) as various laws were enacted.
Wood follows the flag.
A series of red-tinted photographs depict the use of wood for war purposes. Each photo has a caption describing how the wood is being used.
Wood at war.
Black and white poster with five photos showing the use of wood in military defense. Each photo has a caption underneath describing how the wood is being used.
"United we stand--" : two fox-holes defending America.
Poster consists of two drawings divided by text caption. The first drawing is of a soldier in a fox-hole, aiming a large gun to the right of the viewer. The second drawing is of a miner in a shaft, aiming mining equipment away from the viewer.
More copper-zinc-lead-- quick!
A soldier holding a rifle talks to a miner holding a drilling tool. The soldier is gesturing behind him toward the ruins of a town, saying, "Give us metal so it won't happen here".
We're free to choose-- : this today, or this tomorrow.
Black & white cartoon drawing with two frames. The top frame shows a radio announcer in the foreground and four miners in helmets in the background. The radio announcer mentions the importance and responsibility of miners to preserve liberty. The bottom frame shows Hitler holding a whip and threatening three weary miners who are forced to work long hours.
Wood goes to war.
A series of blue-tinted photographs and captions describing the use of wood in war situations.
Wood lands our fighters : the Army & Navy need more lumber for landing barges.
Uniformed soldiers with rifles and machine guns storm a tropical beach. Boats and a battleship are seen in the background.
Keep your Red Cross at his side : give!
Image of a soldier in a helmet. Green foliage is seen in the background. A large Red Cross symbol appears in the lower right area of the poster.
You are one of 50,000,000 Americans who must fill out an income tax return by March 15th : ... file yours early.
Pictures of 1944 1040 form and 1944 withholding receipt in between red and blue text.
Lexington, 1775 : they fought for freedom, we fight to keep it : buy war stamps & bonds.
This is a small color poster promoting war stamps. Image shows four colonial freedom fighters. Three of them are pointing their muskets and one appears to have fallen on his weapon. Colors are teal and orange.
John Paul Jones said, 'I have not yet begun to fight' : fight with war stamps & bonds.
Color poster in red-orange and green tones. John Paul Jones, wearing a Revolutionary War uniform, stands with one fist in the air and a sword in his other hand. At his feet is a cannon. Behind him is an early U.S. flag; in front of him is a shirtless man wearing a head scarf and earring.
Washington crossed the Delaware to win our freedom, we cross oceans to keep it : buy war stamps & bonds.
Small poster in orange and green tones. George Washington is in a boat, surrounded by other men with oars who are rowing. In front of him in the boat is the U.S. flag.
Independence, July 4, 1776 ... : they kept the faith and so do you every time you lend a dime for war savings stamps.
Small color poster in red-orange and green tones. Thomas Jefferson reads the Declaration of Independence while other signers of it are seated around a table listening.
Your metal is on the attack : keep it coming!
Color illustration of soldiers wading from a ship or boat through water and storming a beach. Behind them is a tank about to exit a ship. More ships, a small boat, and explosions can be seen on the water in the background.
Wood gets 'em over! : the Army needs 17,000,000 board feet a year for pontoon bridges.
Soldiers build a wooden, pontoon bridge over a waterway.
Metal at the fighting front.
Five pictures of war activities involving metal. Each picture has extended text below the picture.
Men working : together!
A helmeted soldier, a factory worker, and a sailor stand proudly together. Black & white photograph on light orange background.
Meet your schedules -- for victory : the toughest job is still ahead!
Portraits of Navy admirals King, Ingersoll, and Nimitz, each with quotes in yellow speech balloons.
Give us lumber for more PT's.
Color image of war ships at sea. In the foreground is a boat with "PT 34" painted on it, shining a light and speeding forward. In the background, a ship is sinking as explosive flames rise from it. Other ships and flames can be seen in the distance on the left.
Give it your best!
Large color image of the U.S. flag with 48 stars.
United we stand, divided we fall : beat the promise.
Bird's eye view of two factories; the two images are divided by the stripes of the U.S. flag. On the left, with blue background, a train drives away from a working factory with vehicles parked outside the buildings. On the right, with red background, a factory burns. A wrecked train and fallen person lie near the burning buildings.
Give it your best!
Color image of the U.S. flag, with 48 stars.
Your metals fight : --on land -- on sea --in the air!
Six green-tinted photographs with captions describing the use of metals for military weapons, airplanes, and ships.
Back 'em up with more metal.
Color poster of two army soldiers in camouflage, holding rifles, crawling on their bellies on the grass at night.
"This world cannot exist half slave and half free" : sacrifice for freedom!
Family and priest grimacing and cowering under the shadow of an enemy soldier holding up cat-o-nine tails.
You give him wings! : the Army needs lumber for training planes.
A pilot in a khaki flight suit climbs into an airplane. Two planes are flying overhead in the distance.
Remember last December! : --"that free peoples may not perish from this earth" : enlist in your Navy today.
Color poster features a portrait of a sailor in an enlisted service dress blue uniform. He stands in front of a waving U.S. flag.
If you tell where he's going, he may never get there!
A sailor looks back and smiles as he walks away. He wears an enlisted service dress blue uniform and carries a large white sea bag on his shoulder.
Lexington, 1775, they fought for freedom, we fight to keep it; Independence, July 4, 1776, they kept the faith and so do you every time you lend a dime for war savings stamps; John Paul Jones said, "I have not yet begun to fight", fight with war stamps & bonds; Washington crossed the Delaware to win our freedom, we cross oceans to keep it.
A series of four equally sized wood prints of historic scenes separated by dotted lines. The colors are teal and orange.
Hit hard! Hit fast! Hit often! : produce for your Navy : victory begins at home!
Image of Admiral W.F. Halsey holding binoculars and looking into the distance. He appears to be on a ship. He wears a leather jacket and a green garrison cap with a Navy pilot wing pin. In the lower right corner of the picture is a yellow box with text, "U.S. NAVY DISPATCH" etc.
Serve those who served : nurses are needed in Veterans Administration hospitals.
A wounded veteran sits in a wheelchair; in the background, soldiers fight in combat and a nurse tends to a wounded soldier in hospital.
Me travel? --not this summer : vacation at home.
A smiling man relaxes in an easy chair while reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe. A Springer Spaniel dog lies on the floor beside him. On a book case at his side is a framed picture of a young soldier, a radio, and a fan which blows his hair back.
Less dangerous than careless talk : don't discuss troop movements, ship sailings, war equipment.
Illustration of a coiled, green-eyed rattlesnake with blood dripping from its mouth and fangs, ready to strike. Blood is also pooled on the floor next to the snake.
"We'll lick 'em-- just give us the stuff!"
A smiling soldier, with a bloody bandage on his right arm, holds a rifle with bayonet in one hand and a tattered Japanese flag in the other.
Rationing means a fair share for all of us.
Cartoon scenes at a butcher shop with and without rationing. In the "without rationing" scene, an older woman leaves the butcher shop with many packages, while a second woman buys only one meat chop. In the "with rationing" scene, each woman leaves the shop with ration book in hand, smiling and carrying the same amount of meat.