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Landslides in Colluvium

Description: From introduction: This report describes the Delhi Pike area, which is an area of landsliding we believe to be representative of landslides in colluvium throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The area has been the focus of several detailed studies reported in other chapters in this bulletin. The purpose of the report is to describe the physical setting and movement styles of the landslides and, thus, to provide a context for the more narrowly focused chapters that follow.
Date: 1994
Creator: Fleming, Robert W. & Johnson, Arvid M.
Item Type: Report

Geologic Reconnaissance of the Topopah Spring and Timber Mountain Quandrangles, Nye County, Nevada

Description: The Topopah Spring and Timber Mountain 15-minute quadrangles comprising about 500 square miles in southern Nye County, Nev., are bounded by longitudes 116°15' W. and 116°30' W. and by latitudes 36°45' N. and 37°15' N. (fig. 1) The quadrangles are mostly within the Nevada Test Site and are approximately 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas (fig. 1). Lathrop Wells, the nearest town, is about 10 miles south of the southern boundary of the Topopah Spring quadrangle.
Date: May 1960
Creator: Orkild, Paul P. & Pomeroy, John S.
Item Type: Report

Geologic Investigations in Support of Project Chariot in the Vicinity of Cape Thompson, Northwestern Alaska: Preliminary Report

Description: From abstract: This report describes the Chariot test at Ogotoruk Creek that is topographically and geologically well-situated for the construction of an experimental deep-water excavation as proposed by the AEC.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Kachadoorian, Reuben; Campbell, Russell H.; Moore, G. W.; Cole, J. Y.; Lachenbruch, Arthur H.; Greene, Gordon W. et al.
Item Type: Report