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Compressive crippling of structural sections

Description: A method is presented for calculating crippling stresses of structural sections as a function of material properties and the proportions of the section. The presence of formed or anisotropic material is accounted for by the use of an effective stress-strain curve. The method of analysis applies to many sections for which a procedure for calculating crippling was not previously available.
Date: January 1, 1956
Creator: Anderson, Melvin S

NACA model investigations of seaplanes in waves

Description: The models, apparatus, and instrumentation developed for investigations of the rough-water characteristics of seaplanes in the Langley tanks are described briefly. The results of several investigations to improve these characteristics are combined and summarized. The large effect of waves in take-off resistance is illustrated. The general relationship of the measured quantities of importance to wave length and height are also illustrated.
Date: July 1, 1955
Creator: Parkinson, John B

Study of the pressure rise across shock waves required to separate laminar and turbulent boundary layers

Description: Results are presented of a dimensional study and an experimental investigation of the pressure rise across a shock wave which causes separation of the boundary layer on a flat plate. The experimental part of the investigation was conducted at a Mach number of 3.03 for a Reynolds number range of 2 x 10 (sup) 6 to 19 x 10 (sup) 6. The available experimental data are compared with the predictions of the present study, and the significance of the results obtained is discussed relative to certain practical design problems.
Date: September 1, 1952
Creator: Donaldson, Coleman Dup & Lange, Roy H