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Effect of Changes in Aileron Rigging on the Stick Forces of a High-Speed Fighter Airplane

Description: The effects of changes in aileron rigging between 2 deg up and 2 deg down on the stick forces were determined from wind-tunnel data for a finite-span wing model. These effects were investigated for ailerons deflecting equally in both directions and linearly with stick deflection. Data were analyzed for a Frise, a sealed internally balanced, and a beveled-trailing-edge aileron. The results of the analysis showed that only ailerons having linear hinge-moment characteristics are unaffected by changes in rigging and indicated that ailerons having decidedly nonlinear hinge-moment-coefficient curves, particularly for deflections near 0 deg, are very sensitive to changes in rigging.
Date: May 1, 1944
Creator: Murray, Harry E. & Warren, S Anne

The Effect of Artificial Aging on the Tensile Properties of Alclad 24S-T and 24S-T Aluminum Alloy

Description: An experimental study was made to determine the effect of artificial aging on the tensile properties of alclad 24S-T and 24S-T aluminum-alloy sheet material. The results of the tests show that certain combinations of aging time and temperature cause a marked increase in the yield strength and a small increase in the ultimate strength; these increases are accompanied by a very large decrease in elongation. A curve is presented that shows the maximum yield strengths that can be obtained by aging this material at various combinations of time and temperature. The higher values of yield stress are obtained in material aged at relatively longer times and lower temperatures.
Date: August 1, 1943
Creator: Kotanchik, Joseph N.; Woods, Walter & Zender, George W.