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Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense of our liberty begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and an airport. In the background is a city skyline of factories with smokestacks. Out of the smoke and clouds and into the sky appears the Statue of Liberty. Her torch lights the sky overhead. In the bottom left corner is the inset image, a black & white illustration of a manager and worker shaking hands in the manager's office. Beneath this picture is the caption: "..it all depends on you and me!"
Keep 'em rolling! [PT boats]
Black & white photographs superimposed on a U.S. flag design. In the blue area of the flag is a photograph of a group of men wearing welding helmets and carrying lanterns on long cords over their shoulders. In the striped area of the flag are photographs of PT boats.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense in the field begins in the factory.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. The main image is a city skyline full of factories with numerous smokestacks. Out of the smoke in the sky appears a soldier in a combat uniform. Behind him is a field artillery scene. At the lower left corner of the poster is the inset image, an illustration of a man working at a smelter. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy : defense on the sea begins on the shore.
Small color poster with black & white inset image. In the foreground is a shipyard and docking area. In the background is a city skyline with several smokestacks emitting smoke. Out of the smoke appears a sailor steering at a ship's wheel. Behind him can be seen large ships. Airplanes fly in the sky above the sailor. In the lower left corner inset illustration, two workers work on a ship's propeller. Beneath this picture is a caption: "..it all depends on me!"
Keep 'em rolling! [planes]
Black & white photographs superimposed on a U.S. flag design. In the blue area of the flag is a photograph of a mechanic working on an airplane propeller. In the striped area of the flag are photographs of U.S. Army airplanes flying.
Industry -- the arsenal of democracy.
Small poster with large color image and small black & white inset image. The large color picture shows an urban skyline with smokestacks and a large amount of smoke in the air above. Out of this smoke appears a large image of a soldier playing a bugle and the U.S. flag flying behind him. The small inset is a black & white illustration of a crowd of people walking. Leading the crowd are two men in suits and a woman in a dress.
Wanted -- fighting dollars : make every pay-day, bond-day: United States defense bonds, stamps.
A smiling factory worker holds up a U.S. bond bill. Below the main picture is an inset image of the Concord Minute Man statue.
"You buy 'em, we'll fly 'em!": defense bonds, stamps.
Flyer in khaki uniform and helmet with goggles sits in cockpit of plane giving "thumbs up" sign. A formation of U.S. Army planes flies overhead. In the background is a hangar with plane and personnel.
So he can fight!
On the left side of poster is a large, orange, image of a combat soldier carrying a rifle. In much smaller scale in the foreground is a gray image of the back of a WAAC, waving at the soldier. In the center of the poster is text describing the contributions of women in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. On the right side and bottom center are black & white photographs showing WAAC's performing various tasks. In the lower right corner is an unsigned cartoon showing a line of combat soldiers fording a river with their rifles held over their heads. The last soldier in line is a WAAC carrying her typewriter over her head.
Keep 'em rolling! [guns]
Black & white photographs superimposed on a large U.S. flag design. In the blue area of the flag is a photograph of a man in a shirt and tie, who appears to be working on or using a gun sight. In the red striped areas of the flag are photographs of a group of soldiers operating a large artillery gun.
Military courtesy.
Uniforms and insignia for the armed forces of the United States, U.S.S.R., France, Poland, China, and the British Empire are illustrated. Additional text describes the salutes and forms of address used by each country's military.
Palau's fall would weaken Japs.
Black & white map of the southern Pacific Ocean, showing the north of Australia, parts of China, Korea, and French-Indo-China, New Guinea, the Philippines, Japan, and several small islands. An inset text box in the lower left corner titled "Pacific Progress" describes the completed and future goals of the U.S. armed forces toward defeating Japan. In the upper right corner is an inset map of Palau.
Land with the U.S. Marines : apply, or write, to nearest recruiting station.
A group of Marines in a raft on a body of water are rowing toward a shore line. Two airplanes fly overhead and a ship is seen in the far distance.
Symbol of life ... : U.S. Army Nurse Corps.
Poster of a photo of a man in bed wearing gray pajamas with a mandarin collar and white frog closures, a maroon corduroy robe and dogtags. He has his right hand raised slightly and is in conversation with a nurse who happily listens to him. She wears a gray and white striped seersucker uniform with a matching nursing cap.
Maps are not true for all purposes.
Green, black, and white illustrations and text explain various map projections and how they are used on newsmaps.
Because somebody talked!
Color poster shows a sad cocker spaniel with its head resting on sailor's collar on back of a blue chair. On the wall behind the chair hangs a "Gold Star" service flag with a red border, white center and yellow star in the middle. A gold star on a service flag signifies a family member who has died in war.
Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club?
Close-up of a soldier's face. He wears a helmet which is unstrapped. A white bandage can be seen on his forehead under the helmet. Blood drips down the side of his face from the bandage to his jaw.
They're fighting harder than ever: are you buying more war bonds than ever?
Color image of soldiers and a tank charging forward in battle. The soldier in the foreground appears to be shouting. The sky above is red and explosions in the background are depicted in yellow.
Ready for anything --thanks to you!
Color illustration of soldiers wading from a ship or boat through water and storming a beach. Behind them is a tank about to exit a ship. More ships, a small boat, and explosions can be seen on the water in the background.
WEFT is a system for aircraft recognition : wing, engine, fuselage, tail.
Chart describing the characteristics of various military aircrafts.
"Lumber production is falling behind our war needs. To save American soldiers' lives, we must provide the lumber our armed forces need--now!"
Poster shows four different black and white photos depicting the process of building a PT (patrol torpedo) boat; from cutting down a tree, through construction, up to the finished product. The quote appears in the middle, with a red border around it.
He's a fighting fool, give him the best you've got : more production.
Color poster in blue and black shades. Image of a soldier using a large artillery gun which is pointed upward. Three planes are seen flying in the distance behind the soldier.
The Yanks are there! : the Army needs lumber for trucks.
Color illustration of a long line of military trucks snaking their way through a mountainous area. At the very front of the picture is a soldier on a motorcycle, smiling, with his left arm raised in the air. In the truck behind him are other soldiers waving from the covered truck bed.
They look to us for supplies.
A group of soldiers with faces covered in dirt. Profuse sweat can be seen on the face of the soldier in front.
Be a cadet nurse : the girl with a future.
Color poster of two women in cadet nurse uniforms (probably two views of the same woman). The woman on the left wears a military-style uniform with blue jacket and cap. The woman on the right wears a white nurse's uniform with a nurse's cap. Both women are wearing cadet nurse shoulder patches and caduceus (medical symbol) pins.
Here's a war job for you : railroad workers urgently needed.
Five tracks of locomotives run side by side. One of the trains is transporting army tanks.
Buy war bonds: Third War Loan.
Color poster of a young boy with tears streaming from his eyes. He has a freckled face and wears a white short-sleeved shirt. Around his neck hangs a Medal of Honor (gold star on a blue ribbon). In his hand he holds a khaki soldier's cap.
Your war bonds are a stake in the future.
Painting of an engraved stone plaque affixed to an outer red brick wall of a building. The plaque has an eagle/shield at the top and the text engraved below it. A U.S. flag wrapped around its pole leans toward the plaque in the foreground.
Your metal is their might!
Three helmeted soldiers operate a large machine gun. Shells from the gun shower downward below it. Smoke from an explosion is seen in the background.
U.S.A. in action : official pictures from world battlefronts.
A series of black & white photographs depicting the use and transport of military supplies.
"Keep that lumber coming!"
Soldiers carry a beam of wood down to a river where a bridge is being built. The soldier on the right side of the picture is looking back and shouting toward the viewer. In the background is tropical scenery, an explosion, and artillery.
Your metals fight on every front!
A series of six brown-tinted photographs with captions depicting the uses of metals in the armed forces during World War II. Describes the use of metals for vehicles, airplanes, bombs, and guns.
U.S.A. in action : ASF men and material on far-off fronts.
A series of black & white photographs depicting the use and transport of military supplies.
Here's why we need more metal to win this war.
Poster features a series of six black & white photographs on a black background. The photographs are of military weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and a ship. Each photograph has a caption describing the amount of copper, zinc, and lead used to manufacture the equipment shown.
We need more metal for more weapons.
Poster in green and white tones with green-tinted photographs. Poster shows a series of photographs of military equipment with captions describing the types of metals used for each. Photographs include: an army truck, a battleship, a B-24 bomber plane, a searchlight, an anti-aircraft gun, and tanks.
Your metal in action.
A series of blue-tinted photographs with captions depicts the use of metal for war weapons and ships.
"Not behind the plow"-- your metals are in the Army -- everywhere.
Five photos of various war-related activities to show where metal goes to use in the armed services.
Wood flies to war : the Army & Navy need 20,000 square feet of plywood for each cargo plane.
A U.S. Army airplane flies through dark clouds.
Tomorrow may be too late!
Black and white cartoon of Hideki Tojo and an American miner. Each has a caption in a bubble above his head. Tojo is trying to influence the miner to slack off on his work but the miner is not influenced.
Hit 'em with Copper, Zinc, Lead
Black and white cartoon of Uncle Sam and a miner. Miner: "Gosh, I would like to take a crack at those Japs!" Uncle Sam: "You're doin' it every day - with every ton of ore you mine to make tanks, planes and guns"
Wood follows the flag.
A series of red-tinted photographs depict the use of wood for war purposes. Each photo has a caption describing how the wood is being used.
Wood at war.
Black and white poster with five photos showing the use of wood in military defense. Each photo has a caption underneath describing how the wood is being used.
"United we stand--" : two fox-holes defending America.
Poster consists of two drawings divided by text caption. The first drawing is of a soldier in a fox-hole, aiming a large gun to the right of the viewer. The second drawing is of a miner in a shaft, aiming mining equipment away from the viewer.
We're free to choose-- : this today, or this tomorrow.
Black & white cartoon drawing with two frames. The top frame shows a radio announcer in the foreground and four miners in helmets in the background. The radio announcer mentions the importance and responsibility of miners to preserve liberty. The bottom frame shows Hitler holding a whip and threatening three weary miners who are forced to work long hours.
Wood goes to war.
A series of blue-tinted photographs and captions describing the use of wood in war situations.
Wood lands our fighters : the Army & Navy need more lumber for landing barges.
Uniformed soldiers with rifles and machine guns storm a tropical beach. Boats and a battleship are seen in the background.
Keep your Red Cross at his side : give!
Image of a soldier in a helmet. Green foliage is seen in the background. A large Red Cross symbol appears in the lower right area of the poster.
You are one of 50,000,000 Americans who must fill out an income tax return by March 15th : ... file yours early.
Pictures of 1944 1040 form and 1944 withholding receipt in between red and blue text.
Lexington, 1775 : they fought for freedom, we fight to keep it : buy war stamps & bonds.
This is a small color poster promoting war stamps. Image shows four colonial freedom fighters. Three of them are pointing their muskets and one appears to have fallen on his weapon. Colors are teal and orange.
John Paul Jones said, 'I have not yet begun to fight' : fight with war stamps & bonds.
Color poster in red-orange and green tones. John Paul Jones, wearing a Revolutionary War uniform, stands with one fist in the air and a sword in his other hand. At his feet is a cannon. Behind him is an early U.S. flag; in front of him is a shirtless man wearing a head scarf and earring.