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Experimental investigation of the physical properties of medium and heavy oils, their vaporization and use in explosion engines. Part IV

Description: This report presents a theoretical treatment of the vaporization process of medium and heavy oils. The results of this investigation, which were mostly obtained from the lighter components of the heavy fuels, require a 10- or 16-fold vaporization in comparison with gasoline. We must attain a still finer degree of atomization, in order to include the heavier components.
Date: December 1926
Creator: Heinlein, Fritz

Twelfth Rhon soaring contest, 1931

Description: The crew of the "Fafnir" was given an excellent opportunity for collecting first-hand data as to the usefulness of gliders in the Alps. It is necessary to recount the remarkable glider achievements ahead of the Rhon Soaring Contest, in order to understand the tension and expectation with which the Rhon contest was anticipated.
Date: May 1932
Creator: Georgii, Walter

Airplane drag

Description: It has been less well understood that the induced drag (or, better said, the undesired increase in the induced drag as compared with the theoretical minimum calculated by Prandtl) plays a decisive role in the process of taking off and therefore in the requisite engine power. This paper seeks to clarify the induced drag.
Date: December 1929
Creator: Topfer, Carl

Airplane flight in the stratosphere

Description: This brief survey of the problems encountered in high-altitude flight deals in particular with the need for high lift coefficient in the wings, large aspect ratios in the wings, and also the problem of hermetically sealing the cabin.
Date: February 1932
Creator: De Caria, Ugo

Aeronautical education and research at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich

Description: Progress in the scientific and practical fields of aviation has caused the Swiss Institute of Technology to organize lectures and practical training courses in all three branches of aeronautics and to found centers of scientific research, laboratories, etc., in order to supply the government and industries with scientifically and technically trained engineers.
Date: April 1931
Creator: Karner, L & Ackeret, J

The dangerous sideslip of a stalled airplane and its prevention

Description: This investigation covers only that phase of airplane accidents which are the result of sideslip. We examine the circumstances under which this occurs, study the behavior of present-day airplane types (monoplane, conventional and staggered biplane) therein and endeavor to find a solution whereby this danger may be avoided.
Date: September 1, 1931
Creator: Schmidt, Wilhelm & Fuchs, Richard

Mathematical treatise on the recovery from a flat spin

Description: In this mathematical investigation, made in collaboration with Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt, we interpret the temporary change (due to some disturbance) in the quantities which define the position of the airplane while in a flat spin. We further examine the effect of this change, of the means resorted to to produce the disturbance, and thus reveal the expedients available for recovering from a flat spin.
Date: November 1930
Creator: Fuchs, R

Graetzin special carburetor

Description: Corresponding to practical requirements, this carburetor (especially the smaller sizes) may be regarded as the smallest form of a float carburetor and is adapted for use with all small engines, including auxiliary bicycle and similar engines.
Date: February 1923

Kinetographic determination of airplane flight characteristics

Description: The author's first experiments with a glider on flight characteristics demonstrated that an accurate flight-path measurement would enable determination of the polar diagram from a gliding flight. Since then he has endeavored to obtain accurate flight measurements by means of kinetograph (motion-picture camera). Different methods of accomplishing this are presented.
Date: April 1927
Creator: Raethjen, P & Knott, H

Static longitudinal stability of "Ente" airplanes

Description: The stability conditions of Ente (duck) airplanes are investigated in this report. In developing the formulas, which afford an approximate solution, the unimportant effect of the height of the C.G. and the moment of the residual resistance are neglected. The effect of downwash from the forward horizontal empennage on the wing are also disregarded.
Date: March 1931
Creator: Kiel, Heinrich Georg

Wind tunnel tests of correction formula for wings of large span

Description: The theory (wing experiments in an artificial air stream are subject to error, due to the fact that the wing is not situated in an unlimited body of air) by means of which the given drag correction was obtained, was based on various assumptions (e.g., elliptical distribution of lift) which do not always hold true. For this reason it was desirable to test the equation for the additional drag in regard to its reliability and range of application.
Date: May 1924
Creator: Wieselsberger, C

Experiments with airplane brakes

Description: This report begins by examining the forces on the brake shoes. For the determination of the load distribution over the shoes it was assumed that the brake linings follow Hooke's law, are neatly fitted and bedded in by wear. The assumption of Hooke's law, that is, the proportionality between compression of the lining and the absorption of force, is fulfilled to a certain extent for the loading, as becomes apparent from the load tests described further on. But there is a material discrepancy at unloading. From the load distribution we merely defined the position of the normal force resultant, while for the rest, the effect of the distribution was disregarded in the comparison of the different shoe dispositions.
Date: September 1931
Creator: Michael, Franz

The transference of heat from a hot plate to an air stream

Description: The object of the present study was to define experimentally the field of temperature and velocity in a heated flat plate when exposed to an air stream whose direction is parallel to it, then calculate therefrom the heat transference and the friction past the flat plate, and lastly, compare the test data with the mathematical theory. To ensure comparable results, we were to actually obtain or else approximate: a) two-dimensional flow; b) constant plate temperature in the direction of the stream. To approximate the flow in two dimensions, we chose a relatively wide plate and measured the velocity and temperature in the median plane.
Date: April 1931
Creator: Elias, Franz