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Primary view of Let's hit 'em with everything we've got! : don't wait, choose the Navy.
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of We salute the Chinese Republic on her birthday October 10th ... : help her to fight bravely on!
United China Relief (U.S.)
Primary view of Be with him at every mail call : V-mail is private, reliable, patriotic.
Hiller, Lejaren A., 1880-1969
Primary view of 1946 resolution : that every American buy and hold U.S. savings bonds.
United States. War Finance Division.
Primary view of Minimum standards for employment of women in industry.
United States. Women's Bureau.
Primary view of Fight, let's go! : join the Navy.
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of Dish it out with the Navy! : Choose now while you can.
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of Defend American freedom: it's everybody's job.
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of "Arise Americans" : your country and your liberty are in grave danger -- protect them now by joining the-- United States Navy or the U.S. Naval Reserve.
Barclay, McClelland.
June 18, 1941
Primary view of Americans suffer when careless talk kills!
Anderson, Harry Martin
Primary view of The sky's the limit! : keep buying war bonds.
Allen, Courtney, 1896-1969.
Primary view of Save your cans : help pass the ammunition : prepare your tin cans for war ....
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of Women in the war : we can't win without them.
United States. War Manpower Commission.
Primary view of Enlist in a proud profession-- : join the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps : a lifetime education free! for high school graduates who qualify.
United States. Federal Security Agency.
Primary view of College women in the WAC.
United States. Army. Women's Army Corps.
Primary view of Eat the Basic 7-- every day! : eat a lunch that packs a punch!
United States. War Food Administration.