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Production of I sup 131

Description: We have reviewed the problem of recovering I{sup 131} from the Separations Process and conclude that recovery is entirely feasible. This report contains recommendations for I{sup 131} recovery offered for consideration and are based on a technical study.
Date: April 17, 1946
Creator: Available, Not

Production test 105-2-P (Supplement A) - Activity of pile discharge water (Activation of manganese and iron)

Description: This report discusses the Production Test 105-2-P (Supplement A) -- Activity of Pile Discharge Water. Previous studies of pile discharge water have shown that one of two processes is responsible for the large but variable amount of Mn{sup 56} activity present in the water. One process is the production of Mn{sup 56} by the reaction Mn{sup 55} on manganese impurity in the water. The amount of such impurity has been shown to be too small to produce the observed amount of Mn{sup 56} unless the mean irradiation time is increased by a large factor due to temporary sticking of manganese on the surfaces in the tubes. The other process is the production by the reaction Fe{sup 56} on iron in the film. The present production test was designed to determine which of these processes is responsible for the troublesome Mn{sup 56} activity and to what extent the activity is increased due to sticking of manganese or iron in the tubes. 4 figs.
Date: May 8, 1946
Creator: West, J.M.

Alpha Particle Detection and the A. C. Operated Detector "A" (Howler)

Description: Abstract: This discussion concerns the operation, construction, and servicing of an alpha rate meter of medium sensitivity (30,000 alpha particles full scale per minute) and good stability. The instrument is equipped with an oscillator which increases both in frequency and loudness as the alpha activity is increased. The oscillator circuit includes an anticipator which causes a change in frequency depending directly upon the rate of change of alpha activity. Maximum sensitivity is approximately 100 millivolts full scale. Grid current varies from 1 to 5 x 10^-14 amperes. A general discussion of time constants and accuracy is included. Tables of stopping power, ionization and alpha activity are appended.
Date: January 29, 1946
Creator: Neil, Hugh G.

Trace Elements Investigations in the Cache Creek - Upper Peters Creek Area, Yentna District, Alaska

Description: The following report provides findings of trace elements from investigations on Cache and upper Peters Creeks in the Tentana District, Alaska after discovering radioactive minerals within Geological Survey's collection of Alaskan placer deposits. This investigation took place in the summer of 1945.
Date: March 1946
Creator: Robinson, G. D.; Wedow, W., (Jr.) & Lyons, J. B.

Geochemistry of Beryllium

Description: From abstract: This is a review, with annotated bibliography, of the mode of occurrence of the element beryllium. It is not a list of specific ore deposits, but a summary of the types of the types of minerals and rocks in which beryllium has been reported to occur. In addition, the unpublished spectrographic studies of the Geological Survey on mill products are summarized, and data are given on domestic production and reserves and on foreign production.
Date: June 1946
Creator: Fleischer, Michael & Cameron, E. N.

Preliminary Report : Trace Elements Investigations in the Sweepstakes Creek Area, Koyuk District, Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Description: The following report provides information and findings of trace elements recognized in a few placer concentrates from Sweepstakes and Rube Creeks in the Koyuk district of eastern Seward Peninsula, Alaska when old collections were scanned for radioactivity in the spring of 1945.
Date: May 1946
Creator: Gault, H. Richard; Black, Robert F. & Lyons, John B.

Report on SOM Investigations in Arizona (Except the Plateau Province Area)

Description: From summary: Union Mines' examination of Arizona's pegmatites, lode deposits of the central and southeastern parts of the state, and heavy mineral concentrates from few placer deposits indicates that SOM is practically non-existent in the first two and that minor amounts of monazite and possibly other S-37 minerals are present in the last.
Date: March 26, 1946
Creator: Hill, J. M.

Neutron Diffusion in a Space Lattice of Fissionable and Absorbing Materials

Description: Methods are developed for estimating the effect on a critical assembly of fabricating it as a lattice rather than in the more simply interpreted homogeneous manner. An idealized case is discussed supposing an infinite medium in which fission, elastic scattering and absorption can occur, neutrons of only one velocity present, and the neutron m.f.p. independent of position and equal to unity with the unit of length use. (auth)
Date: August 27, 1946
Creator: Welton, T. A. & Feynman, R. P.