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Primary view of The trend of contamination in the air, Columbia River, rain, sanitary water, vegetation, and wastes, at the Hanford Works and vicinity for the period October, November, December 1947
Singlevich, W.
March 20, 1948
Primary view of Production of I sup 131
Available, Not
April 17, 1946
Primary view of Production test 105-2-P (Supplement A) - Activity of pile discharge water (Activation of manganese and iron)
West, J.M.
May 8, 1946
Primary view of P Division monthly report, November 1948
Lee, E.P.
December 20, 1948
Primary view of 200 Area monthly reports, July--December 1947
Stanford, R.E.L. & Christy, J.T.
January 1, 1947
Primary view of Photographic film as a pocket radiation dosimeter
Pardue, L.A.; Goldstein, N. & Wollan, E.O.
April 25, 1944
Primary view of Review of the stack discharge active particle contamination problem
Parker, H M
March 22, 1948
Primary view of The Aluminum Nitrate Process for the Conversion of Tuballoy Tetrafluoride to Tuballoy Peroxide
Lord, E. J.; Andrews, L. J. & Gates, J. W.
August 22, 1945
Primary view of Analyses of Decay Curves of Irradiated Plastics
Saleeby, R. N.; Cheshire, J. R. & Jensen, W. P.
June 22, 1949
Primary view of Alpha Particle Detection and the A. C. Operated Detector "A" (Howler)
Neil, Hugh G.
January 29, 1946
Primary view of The Ammonia Reduction and its Application to the Preparation of Green Salt
Clinton Engineer Works
December 29, 1945
Primary view of The Analysis of Impurities in Various Stages of Recycled Carbon Tetrachloride and Correlation with Chlorination Properties
Hudson, R. L.; Burkhart, L. E. & Larson, C. E.
May 23, 1946
Primary view of Action Taken on the Spot Contamination in the Separations Plant Areas
Parker, H. M.
October 30, 1947
Primary view of Revised draft of glossary in terms of reactor theory
Smith, Nicholas M.
Primary view of Final technical report for contract year November 9, 1947 to November 9, 1948
Brown, H. & Woodberry, P.
Primary view of The properties of zirconium and its possibilities for thermal reactors
Fairchild, Harold B.
Primary view of Direct calorimetric study of fission product decay in active slugs
Day, R. A. & Cannon, C. V.
Primary view of Approximate calculation of the neutron flux from a plane source in an infinite medium where the nuclear cross sections vary with the energy and with the distance from the source, for energies above 5 Mev
Murray, F. H.
Primary view of Approximate methods for pile design calculations
Brooks, Harvey
Primary view of The Application of Tracer Techniques to the Determination of Uranium Extraction Coefficients
Lee, D. A.; Woodard, R. W. & Clewett, G. H.
January 23, 1947
Primary view of Quarterly Report August 1947 to November 1947, Biology Division
Brues, Augustin M.
November 1, 1947
Primary view of Insufflation studies in rabbits with dusts of uranium compounds
Thompson, Herbert. E. & Steadman, L. T.
Primary view of A method for the determination of traces of metals
Bricker, Clark E.; Furman, N. Howell & McDuffie, Bruce
Primary view of Uranyl nitrate : four one-year inhalation toxicity studies of animals at 0.04, 0.25, "0.4", and 2.0 Mg U/M³
Yaeger, Robert G.