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Leguminous Plants for Green Manuring and for Feeding.
Report discussing the use of legumes for green manuring to enhance the fertility of farm soil and for feeding livestock.
Peach Yellows and Peach Rosette
Report discussing the diseases afflicting the peach known as peach yellows and peach rosette, including distribution of the diseases and preventive measures. A brief appendix discusses laws passed in Connecticut and Pennsylvania which are intended to prevent the spread of the diseases.
Forage Plants for the South
Report discussing the findings of an experimental study of over 500 native and foreign species of grasses and other forage plants in the southern United States. The report is limited to a discussion of species that were established to hold agricultural value for hay and pastures.
Important Insecticides: Directions for Their Preparation and Use
Report discussing important insecticides for farm and garden use. Special focus is given to biting and sucking insects, subterranean insects, and insects affecting grains and stored products.
Washed Soils: How to Prevent and Reclaim Them.
Report discussing the problem of soil erosion, its impact on farming, and ways to prevent further erosion and reclaim affected lands.
Foods: Nutritive Value and Cost
Report discussing the nutritive value of foods for humans and common food ingredients, including suggestions for nutritious and economical diets.
Hog Cholera and Swine Plague
Report discussing the diseases hog cholera and swine plague, which at the time resulted in annual losses of between $10 million and $25 million. Discussion focuses on methods for farmers to identify, treat, and prevent the diseases.
Barnyard Manure
Report discussing the importance and use of manure from farm animals as a fertilizer. Factors discussed include the kind of animal, its age, and diet as well as best practices for managing manure.
Some Destructive Potato Diseases: What They Are and How to Prevent Them.
Describes methods of identification and control of three fungous diseases affecting the Irish potato: blight (downy mildew), Macrosporium disease, and potato scab.
Cranberry culture.
A guide to cranberry culture, including soil selection and preparation, planting, draining, flooding, fertilizing, and pest and disease control.