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Primary view of Boundaries, areas, geographic centers and altitudes of the United States and the several states, with a brief record of important changes in their territory
Douglas, Edward M.
Primary view of The Sunset-Midway Oil Field, California: Part 1. Geology and Oil Resources
Pack, Robert W.
Primary view of The Manganese Situation from a Domestic Standpoint
Furness, J. W.
April 1927
Primary view of Method and Cost of Mining the Thick Freeport Coal in a Second Western Pennsylvania Mine
Paul, James Washington & Tomlinson, H.
July 1929
Primary view of The Canadian Gypsum Industry
Santmyers, R. M.
August 1929
Primary view of The Forsyth Coal Field: Rosebud, Treasure, and Big Horn Counties, Montana
Dobbin, C. E.
Primary view of The Kevin-Sunburst Oil Field and Other Possibilities of Oil and Gas in the Sweetgrass Arch, Montana
Collier, Arthur J.
Primary view of Studies of Basin-Range Structure
Gilbert, Grove Karl
Primary view of Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1928
Mendenhall, W. C.
Primary view of Notes on the Geology of Upper Nizina River Alaska
Moffit, Fred H.
Primary view of The Meaning of Specifications for Gasoline and Kerosene
Kraemer, A. J.
November 1926
Primary view of Educational Agencies in Mining Communities
Read, T. T.
April 1920
Primary view of Large Mollier Chart (Foot-Pound-Fahrenheit Units): Properties of Ammonia
United States. Bureau of Standards.
Primary view of Reduction Mills in Montana in 1925
Gerry, C. N.
March 1927
Primary view of Practical Underground Education of the Coal Miner
Grove, G. W.
November 1927
Primary view of Survey of Gravities of Domestic Crudes
Hopkins, G. R. & Coons, A. B.
April 1929
Primary view of Ocher and Ochery Earths
Santmyers, R. M.
May 1929
Primary view of Report of the Twenty-First National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1928
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
May 1928
Primary view of Regulations and Inspection Prevent Accidents from Falls of Roof
Paul, J. W.
November 1927
Primary view of Compressibilities of gases
Pickering, Samuel Fisher
November 21, 1925
Primary view of Report of the Twenty-Second National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1929
United States. National Bureau of Standards.
June 1929
Primary view of A Biological Survey of North Dakota
Bailey, Vernon
December 1926
Primary view of Revision of the American Lemming Mice (Genus Synaptomys)
Howell, A. Brazier
June 30, 1927
Primary view of Voles of the Genus Phenacomys
Howell, A. Brazier
October 12, 1926