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Analytical methods and results

Description: Report detailing the analytical methods and results of a study designed to measure the total alpha particle activity of samples. The method being used was previously in use at Columbia University. The report recognizes potential for grave errors, but makes no effort to minimize the effect of the roughness of the sample.
Date: 1945
Creator: Thomas, Henry C. & Bither, Tom Allen

Application of Conductivity Measurements to a Study of (a) Complex Formation Between F[ Gamma] + and F- and Al+ + + and F- (b) Titration of F- Ion with H + Ion

Description: From introduction: This report describes some preliminary electro-conductometric titrations which were made in order to ascertain whether the method [for selecting the best complexing agent for any problem that may arise] gave interpretable results.
Date: 1945
Creator: Tober, Frank W., 1919-1995 & Larson, Clarence E.

Abrasive Blasting for Cleaning Parts

Description: Abstract: A demonstration on August 22, 1945, showed that Alpha or Beta M or K parts, including insulators, can be well cleaned with a pressure-feed abrasive blaster. The abrasive is a slurry of alumina and water mixed with high velocity air in a special feed nozzle. The slurry is continuously recycled.
Date: September 1945
Creator: McWherter, Jack R. & Yerazunis, Stephen

Consolidation and shaping of boron ; summary of previous work

Description: From abstract: "The deposit on the rods is in the form of a brittle uneven tube which is cracked off and subsequently pulverized to a 200-mesh powder. This report is chiefly concerned with methods of consolidating this powder and shaping it into forms required, though it also discusses to some extent other methods of shaping boron or born-rich materials."
Date: October 8, 1945
Creator: Kamm, Robert L.

Cleaning E-Units by Blasting

Description: Abstract: An air-water-abrasive blasting system thoroughly cleans copper parts of E units without damage to the parts. Little abrasive is required because of the continuous recycle of the abrasive slurry.
Date: 1945
Creator: McWherter, Jack R. & Yerazunis, Stephen

The Chlorination of TO₃

Description: Abstract: The applicability of specific mixtures and organic chlorocarbons in general toward the chlorination of TO₃ has been tested by means of reactions is sealed glass tubes. The results show that thionyl chloride mixed with tetrachloroethylene or a bromothane of the tyoe CHBrC12 will produce TCI4 directly. This same result is produced by CBr2C12 alone.
Date: December 28, 1945
Creator: Gavlin, Gilbert; Hubbard, J. V. & Clewett, G. H.

Preliminary Report Trace Elements Investigations Hickman and Adjacent Counties, Tenn.

Description: The following report describes the findings from an investigation of a uranium-bearing strata undertaken in Hickman and adjacent counties in west-central Tennessee during the summer and fall of 1944. The strata contained radioactive elements within the Chattanooga shale and the Maury glauconitic member of the Ridgetop shale.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Brill, Kenneth G., (Jr.); Nelson, John M. & Prouty, Chilton E.

The Occurrence of Germanium

Description: The following report discusses the possible sources of the uncommon element, germanium. It is the first in a series of reports to be prepared by the Geological Survey discussing rare and uncommon elements.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Fleischer, Michael & Harder, J. C.

The Occurrence of Xenon

Description: This report is the second in the series of reports carried by the Geological Survey on rare or uncommon elements and their possible sources. The report discusses xenon, an element belonging in a group of elements known as the inert gases, characterized by its lack of reactivity.
Date: May 1945
Creator: Fleischer, Michael