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Manual of Fire-Loss Prevention of the Federal Fire Council

Description: From preface: This issue of the Manual of Fire-Loss Prevention, the first edition of which was published in 1934, includes revisions and additions made in part to cover improvements in the past 10 years in methods of preventing and controlling fires. Such methods remain dependent largely on the elimination of preventable fires and abatement of loss from those that originate, by the use of appropriate designs and materials in building construction and the installation of applicable fire alarm and extinguishing equipment, to the extent justified by the hazard.
Date: 1945

Safety for the Household

Description: Introduction: The purpose of this circular is (a) to emphasize the seriousness of certain risks to life and property frequently occurring in or about the home, (b) to give simple methods of care and caution against such hazards, and (c) to stimulate interest in public measures directed toward safety for household and community.
Date: January 12, 1948
Creator: Owen, S. J.

Nomograms for Obtaining the Compound Composition of Hydrated Limes from the Oxide Analysis

Description: Report with two nomograms presented for rapidly obtaining the compound composition of hydrated limes from the oxide analysis. The general nomogram can be applied to any commercial hydrated lime and gives values accurate to within 0.3 percent while the special nomogram is applicable only to regularly hydrated and highly hydrated dolomitic limes and is accurate to within 0.1 percent.
Date: December 30, 1949
Creator: Levin, Ernest M.

Catenary Chart 3

Description: Chart of catenary curve ordinates: "The curve gives approximate values of sag at all points on the catenary curve expressed in per cent of the center sag. The error is negligible for all spans in which the center sag is less than 10% of the span length." It is enlarged from figures in NBS discussion of national electrical safety code (handbook H39).
Date: August 7, 1944
Creator: United States. National Bureau of Standards.