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Primary view of Analyses of Virginia Coals
Eby, J. Brian, (James Brian), 1896-; Campbell, Marius Robinson, 1858-1940; Paul, J. W.; Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966; Cooper, Harry Mac, 1882-; Osgood, F. D., 1888-1935 et al.
Primary view of Permissible Explosives, Mining Equipment, and Apparatus Approved Prior to January 1, 1924
Crawshaw, John Edward, 1880-; Ilsley, L. C., 1880-; Parker, Dorsey J. & Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966
Primary view of The Coal Industry of Brazil: Part 2. Technology of Mining and Preparation
Good, John E.; Abreu, Alvaro & Fraser, Thomas
Primary view of The Coal Industry of Brazil: Part 1. General Economy, Production, and Marketing
Good, John E.; Abreu, Alvaro & Fraser, Thomas
Primary view of Analyses of Alaska Coals
Gates, George O. & Fieldner, Arno Carl
Primary view of Collecting and Examining Subsurface Samples of Petroleum
Grandone, Peter & Cook, Alton B.
Primary view of Ball-Mill Grinding
Coghill, Will H. & DeVaney, Fred D.
Primary view of Leaching Nonsulphide Copper Ores with Sulphur Dioxide
Van Barneveld, Charles E. & Leaver, Edmund S.
May 1923
Primary view of Investigation of Coal Deposits in the Fairview and Coal City Basins of Coosa Field, St. Clair County, Alabama: Reserves, Petrography, and Chemical Properties of Coals; Washability Characteristics of Coal from Fairview Bew; and Geology of Area
Toenges, Albert L.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Jolley, Theodore R.; Shields, Joseph J.; Smith, H. L.; O'Donnell, H. J. et al.
Primary view of Analyses of Kentucky Coals
McFarlan, Arthur C.
Primary view of Analyses of Washington Coals: Supplement to Technical Paper 491
Yancey, H. F. & Geer, M. R.
Primary view of Analyses of Pennsylvania Anthracitic Coals
Ashley, George H.; Toenges, Albert L.; McElroy, G. E.; Siclen, M. Van; Buch, J. W.; Snyder, N. H. et al.
Primary view of Analyses of Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas Coals
Andrews, David A. & Huddle, John W.
Primary view of A Convenient Multiple-Unit Calorimeter Installation
Davis, J. D. & Wallace, E. L.
Primary view of A Method of Resolving Oil-Field-Waste Emulsions
Horne, J. W. & Watkins, J. Wade
Primary view of Safety Factors in Construction and Ventilation, Wawona Vehicular Tunnel, Yosemite National Park, California
Ash, S. H.
Primary view of Production of High-Alumina Slags in the Blast Furnace
Joseph, T. L. (Thomas Leonard), b. 1894; Kinney, S. P. (Selwyne Perez), 1890-1976 & Wood, C. E. (Carl Edwin), b. 1900
Primary view of Design of Injectors for Low-Pressure Air Flow
McElroy, G. E.
Primary view of Differential Thermal Analysis: Its Application to Clays and Other Aluminous Minerals
Speil, Sidney; Berkelhamer, Louis H.; Pask, Joseph A. & Davies, Ben
Primary view of Minable Reserves, Petrography, Chemical Characteristics, and Washability Tests of Coal Occurring in the Coos Bay Coal Field, Coos County, Oregon
Toenges, Albert L.; Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Schopf, J. M.; Cooper, H. M.; Toenges, Albert L. et al.
Primary view of Metal-Mine Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1914
Fay, Albert H.
Primary view of Mechanical Equipment Used in the Drilling and Production of Oils and Gas Wells in the Oklahoma City Field
Wade, Gustav
Primary view of Explosion Hazards in Storage-Battery Rooms
Jones, G. W.; Campbell, John; Dillon, R. E. & Benson, O. B.
Primary view of Exploration, Reserves, Bed Characteristics and Strip-Mining Possibilities of a Lignite Deposit Near Toledo, Lewis County, Washington
Toenges, Albert L.; Turnbull, Louis A. & Cole, Willard A.