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Primary view of The Uranium, Tin, and Copper Deposits at Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada
Thurston, Ralph H. & Trites, Albert F., Jr.
December 1952
Primary view of Design of the National Bureau of Standards Isotropic Magnetic Field Meter (MFM-10) 300 kHz to 100 MHz
Cruz, J. E.; Driver, L. D. & Kanda, Motohisa
October 1985
Primary view of Possible Estimation Methodologies for Electromagnetic Field Distributions in Complex Environments
Kanda, Motohisa; Randa, J. & Nahman, N. S.
March 1985
Primary view of Tables of Industrial Gas Container Contents and Density for Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, and Hydrogen
Younglove, Ben A. & Olien, Neil A.
June 1985
Primary view of A Theory of Mutual Impedances and Multiple Reflections in an N-Element Array Environment
Muth, Lorant A.
February 1985
Primary view of A Near-Field Array of Yagi-Uda Antennas for Electromagnetic Susceptibility Testing
Hill, David A. & Koepke, Galen H.
June 1985
Primary view of Pegmatites of the Crystal Mountain District, Larimer County, Colorado
Thurston, William R.
Primary view of A Radio-Frequency Power Delivery System: Procedures for Error Analysis and Self-Calibration
Kanda, Motohisa & Orr, R. David
August 1985
Primary view of Geologic Map of the Paiute Ridge Quadrangle, Nye and Lincoln Counties, Nevada
Byers, F. M., Jr. & Barnes, Harley
June 1964
Primary view of Preliminary Geologic Map of the Yucca Flat Quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada
McKay, E. J.
November 1962
Primary view of Outline of Geology of the U12j and U12j.01 Tunnels, Nevada Test Site
Laraway, W. H. & Houser, F. N.
September 1962
Primary view of A Study of Techniques for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Materials
Wilson, Perry F. & Ma, Mark T.
May 1986
Primary view of Summary of Investigations of Uranium Deposits in the Pumpkin Buttes Area, Johnson and Campbell Counties, Wyoming
Troyer, Max L.; McKay, Edward J.; Soister, Paul E. & Wallace, Stewart R.
July 1953
Primary view of Geology of the Freshwater Bay Area, Chichagof Island, Alaska
Loney, Robert Ahlberg; Condon, William H. & Dutro, J. Thomas, Jr.
Primary view of Results of Core Drilling of Uranium-Bearing Lignite Deposits in Harding and Perkins Counties, South Dakota, and Bowman County, North Dakota
Zeller, Howard D.
October 1952
Primary view of Relation of Uranium to Hypogene Mineral Zoning in the Front Range Mineral Belt, Colorado
Wallace, S. R.; Leonard, B. F. & Campbell, Russell H.
August 1955
Primary view of Results of Diamond Drilling and Geologic Investigation of the Shirley May (Garo) Uranium Deposit, Park County, Colorado
Wilmarth, V. R. & Smith, L. E.
November 1952
Primary view of Map of the Uranium Region of the Colorado Plateau
Shoemaker, E. M. & Luedke, Robert G.
December 1952
Primary view of Uranium-Bearing Coal in the Central Part of the Great Divide Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Pipiringos, George N.
March 1956
Primary view of Automated Measurement of Frequency Response of Frequency-Modulated Generators Using the Bessel Null Method
Major, J. R.; Livingston, E. M. & Adair, Robert T.
March 1986
Primary view of Trapped Ions and Laser Cooling: Selected Publications of the Ion Storage Group of the Time and Frequency Division, NBS, Boulder, Colorado
Wineland, David J.; Itano, Wayne M.; Bergquist, James Charles & Bollinger, John J.
July 1985
Primary view of Design, Evaluation, and Use of a Reverberation Chamber for Performing Electromagnetic Susceptibility/Vulnerability Measurements
Crawford, M. L. & Koepke, Galen H.
April 1986
Primary view of A Statistical Characterization of Electroexplosive Devices Relevant to Electromagnetic Compatibility Assessment
Friday, Dennis S. & Adams, John W.
May 1986
Primary view of Direct Measurement of the Electric Field of a Laser Pulse--Theory
Johnson, Eric Gunnar, Jr.
August 1985