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Bibliography and Index of Literature on Uranium and Thorium and Radioactive Occurrences in the United States Part 5: Northeastern Section
A bibliography which consists of references to published literature, press releases, speeches, and both open-file and other unclassified reports dealing with uranium, thorium, and radioactive occurrences in several United States states.
Wet Mountains, Colorado, Thorium Investigations 1952-1954
A report about a 22-square mile tract of pre-Cambrain rocks and veins containing thorium mapped at the scale of 1:6,000 located on the west flank of the Wet Mountains, Custer and Fremont Counties, northeast of Westcliffe, Colorado.
The Copper and Uranium Deposits of the Coyote District, Mora County, New Mexico
A report about copper and uranium deposits of the Coyote district, Mora County, N. Mex., are confined to the lower 2,000 feet of the Sangre de Cristo formation of Pennsylvanian and Permian age.
The Thoron-Mesotartaric Acid System for the Determination of Thorium
A report about spectrophotometric determination of thorium with thoron. Also, mesotartaric acid was used as a masking reagent for zirconium.
Trace Elements Investigations 302
Several geologic maps of deposits in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.
Progress Report of Southeastern Monazite Exploration, 1952
Report about monzanite placers in streams of the western part of the Piedmont in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The objective of the report is to describe local monazite deposits, to determine geologic controls of monazite placers in the southeastern Piedmont, and to evaluate placer potentialities of the area.
Prospecting for Uranium with Car-Mounted Equipment
A report about commercial production of rugged portable radioactivity detectors. The objective in all cases is to use the fastest and most productive method of detecting radioactive deposits in a given area.
An Introduction to the Geochemistry of Gadolinium
Report discussing the geochemistry of gadolinium, specifically the abundance of the element and its isotopes in the earth's crust.
Reconnaissance for Radioactive Deposits in Eastern Alaska, 1952
Report discussing the results of a 1952 reconnaissance for radioactive deposits that was conducted in selected areas of eastern Alaska.
Reconnaissance for Radioactive Deposits in Alaska, 1953
Report discussing a reconnaissance study during the summer of 1953 to determine the occurrence of radioactive deposits on Nikolai Creek near Tyonek, Alaska and on Likes Creek near Seward, Alaska.
Trace Elements Reconnaissance of the Southern Highway Belt, South-Central Alaska
Abstract: A radiometric reconnaissance of the areas adjacent to the principal highways and secondary roads of south-central Alaska was carried out during the summer of 1947. The investigation included the examination of nine gold-placer workings, five gold lodes, a gypsum mine, and a copper prospect. Nearly all of the lithologic types outcropping in the highway belt were tested. No significant amounts of radioactive material were found.
The Spectrophotometric Determination of Uranium by Means of the Azide Ion
Abstract: A method has been devised for the spectrophotometric determination of uranium by means of the azide ion. The method possesses several advantages over the various thiocyanate procedures. It has a slightly higher sensitivity, an aqueous medium is used, and the reaction product is more stable. Within the concentration limits tested, Beer's law is obeyed.
Tables for the Calculation of Radioactive Equilibrium From Bateman's Equation
Abstract: Tables of decay constants and functions thereof are presented to simplify the problem of calculating the constants involved in the Bateman equation. An alternate method of solving for the amounts of the nth member of a radioactive series is given in the form of a power series.
Progress of Geologic Studies, Colorado Plateau Project
Report discussing progress made on geologic studies under the Colorado Plateau Project. The geologic studies that were in progress during the time of this report consist of the following: "(1) General geologic mapping in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah. (2) Regional stratigraphic and sedimentary studies in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. (3) Studies of past and present ground-water conditions in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah."
An Automatic Micromuffle for the Determination of Ash in Carbonaceous Material
Abstract: An automatic micromuffle for the determination of the ash content of small samples of carbonaceous material is comprised of a furnace of the radiant-heating type with a direct reading pyrometer for temperature control. This furnace can be assembled with a minimum of labor using parts available from scientific laboratory apparatus companies.
The Distribution of Uranium in the Alkalic Rocks of Sussex County, New Jersey
Report discussing a study in which "a suite of alkalic rocks from the Beemerville, NJ, intrusive body was separated and the percentages of their accessory minerals were determined."
Exploration for Uranium Deposits in the Yellow Cat and Squaw Park Areas, Thompson District, Grand County, Utah
Report discussing an exploration for uranium and vanadium deposits in the Yellow Cat and Squaw Park areas in the Thompson Park district of Grand County, Utah. The exploration occurred from October 8, 1951 to November 23, 1954.
Stratigraphy of the Area Between Hernando and Hardee Counties, Florida
Report discussing a study of the formations on the borders of the land-pebble phosphate district to place previously done stratigraphic and economic studies of the district into a larger geologic setting.
Geology of the Red House Cliffs Area, San Juan County, Utah
Report discussing the geology of the Red House Cliffs area, which comprises 296 square miles of canyon and plateau country in southwestern San Juan County, Utah.
Reconnaissance of Some Geologic Formations in Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah
Abstract: A radiometric reconnaissance, using a portable beta-gamma survey meter, of some geologic formations ranging in age from Cambrian to Cretaceous, and springs in southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and northern Utah, has shown that none of them are sufficiently radioactive to warrant further examination of them in the area.
Some Uranium Occurrences in West Texas
Report discussing the geology of uranium deposits located in the King Mountain area, Hueco Mountains area, and other areas of west Texas.
Radioactive Coal and Shale of Pennsylvanian and Permian Age in Northern West Virginia
Report discussing radioactive coal in northern West Virginia. From Abstract: "The commercially important coal beds in the Monongahela series of Pennsylvanian age and coal and shale of the Dunkard series of Permian age were examined and sampled in eight counties in northern West Virginia."
Uranium Resources of the San Rafael District, Emery County, Utah: A Regional Synthesis
From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to present the preliminary results of the geologic reconnaissance and office work leading to an appraisal of the geologic relations of the uranium deposits of the San Rafael district, Emery County, Utah."
Stratigraphic Sections of the Phosphoria Formation in Idaho, 1947-48, Part 3
Report containing abstracts of some stratigraphic sections of the Phosphoria formation in southeastern Idaho.
Radioactive Rare-Earth Deposit at the Scrub Oaks Mine, Morris County, New Jersey
The following report studies a rare-earth deposit in the Scrub Oaks iron mine, Morris County, New Jersey, that was mapped and sampled in the 1955.
The Photometric Determination of Aluminum in Phosphate Materials With Ferron
Report discussing a study in which "the ferron colorimetric method for aluminum is applied to the analysis of aluminum in phosphatic materials such as in the aluminum phosphate (leached) zone of the Florida phosphate deposits."
Characteristics of Triassic and Jurassic Uranium-Bearing Host Rocks of the Colorado Plateau
Report discussing a petrographic study of the uranium ore-producing formations of the Colorado Plateau by means of thin section study, grain-size analyses and the field examination of sedimentary procedures.
Montroseite, a New Vanadium Oxide From the Colorado Plateaus
Report discussing the properties of montroseite, a new vanadium mineral that was found in four mines in western Colorado and in two mines in eastern Utah.
Proposed Nomenclature of Part of Upper Triassic Strata in Southeastern Utah
Report discussing a proposed nomenclature of Upper Triassic rocks in southeastern Utah in which two types of strata are lumped together in the Chinle formation and that the Shinarump conglomerate be redefined as the Shinarump member of the Chinle formation.
Laboratory Study of a Core From Uranium-Bearing Coal in the Red Desert, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
From Abstract: "This report presents the results of a detailed laboratory study of uranium in an 8-inch core of coal and coaly shale from the Luman No. 1 coal bed in the northern part of the Red Desert area, Sweetwater County, Wyoming."
A Comparison of Sample Splitting Methods
Report discussing a comparison of three methods of sample splitting for grain counting: the microsplit, the cone splitter, and hand quartering.
Uranium-Bearing Lignite in Southwestern North Dakota
Report discussing a study in which uranium-bearing lignite was mapped and sampled in the Bullion Butte, Sentinel Butte, HT Butte, and Chalky Buttes areas in southwestern North Dakota.
Geology and Pegmatites of the Fourmile Quadrangle, Black Hills, South Dakota
Report discussing the geology and pegmatites of the Fourmile Quadrangle, located on the southwest side of the Black Hills uplift in Custer County, South Dakota. "This report is an abstract of a paper with the same title that is planned for publication as a Geological Survey professional paper."
Uranium in the Phillips Mine-Camp Smith Area, Putnam and Westchester Counties, New York
Report discussing uranium that was discovered in uraniferous rock in the Phillips mine-Camp Smith area of New York in 1953.
Selected Annotated Bibliography of the Geology of Uranium-Bearing Coal and Carbonaceous Shale in the United States
From Introduction: "The following annotated bibliography consists of references to published literature and open-file reports dealing with uranium in coal and associated carbonaceous shales in the United States; the listings include nearly all the pertinent reports available as of June 1955 and also includes some reports in preparation."
Radioactivity of Some Coals and Shales in Southern Illinois
Report discussing the radioactivity of channel samples of the commercially important coal beds in the Caseyville, Tradewater, Carbondale, and McLeansboro formations of Pennsylvanian age, as well as samples of the black, hard, sheety, roof shales of several coal beds in southern and central Illinois.
Stratigraphy of Parts of De Soto and Hardee Counties, Florida
Report presenting the results of one part of an investigation of the regional geology of central Florida.
Interim Report on Botanical Prospecting for Uranium in the Shinarump Conglomerate at Deer Flat, White Canyon District, San Juan County, Utah
Report discussing a study in which the plant analysis method of botanical prospecting for concealed uranium deposits was employed in the Deer Flat area, White Canyon district, San Juan County, Utah. The study took place from May to July, 1953.
X-Ray Powder Data for Uranium and Thorium Minerals
From introduction: "Pending publication of this volume and in response to a widespread demand among workers in uranium and thorium mineralogy, the X-ray powder diffraction data for the known minerals that contain uranium or thorium as an essential constituent are presented here. The coverage is complete except for a few minerals for which there are no reliable data owing to lack of authentic specimens."
Domestic Resource of Uranium and Thorium : A Summary Based Upon Investigations by the u.s. Geological Survey
From abstract: "This report summarizes our knowledge of the geology of radioactive raw materials and outlines the work done by the Geological Survey as well as that planned or recommended. An evaluation of uranium and thorium deposits is given in terms of known reserves and potential resources."
Volcanic Debris in Uraniferous Sandstones, and Its Possible Bearing on the Origin and Precipitation of Uranium
Report discussing a the presence of volcanic debris in sandstones containing uranium, and this volcanic debris' possible use in identifying uranium origins.
Vanadium and Uranium in Rocks and Ore Deposits
Report discussing the occurrence of vanadium and uranium in rocks and ore deposits, and what types of deposits and rocks contain vanadium and uranium. Sections include geochemical characteristics of vanadium and uranium, uranium deposits, vanadium in ore deposits, vanadium in hot springs, and a summary with conclusions.
Monazite in Atlantic Shore-Line Features
From abstract: "This report is a survey of present and potential production of monazite from part of the Maryland-Florida section of the Atlantic Coastal Plain."
Change of the Isotopic Abundance Ratio Within a Sphere Due to Diffusion
Report explaining the theory behind diffusion's effects on isotopic abundance ratios in a sphere.
The Mineral Composition of Gummite
Report discussing the mineral composition and other properties of gummite or "fine-grained yellow to orange-red alteration products of uraninite whose true identity is unknown." Sections include the history and nomenclature of gummite, chemical analyses of gummite, sequential alteration of gummite, and description of minerals in gummite.
Monazite in Part of the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain
From abstract: "Sediments of the inner part of the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain have been sampled and examined for monazite." The report provides sections on general geology, field and laboratory methods, distribution of monazite, and other mineral products.
Direct Radiometric Measurement of the Uranium and Thorium Series in Equilibrium by Gamma-Ray Scintillation Spectrometer
From abstract: "When uranium and thorium are in secular equilibrium with their decay products, these elements may be determined by this direct radiometric method if the materials show more than 0.01 percent equivalent uranium." Sections include instrumentation, relative spectra of the uranium and thorium series, method of analysis and tests, and source geometry.
Machine for Preparing Phosphors for the Fluorimetric Determination of Uranium
Report discussing a machine increases productivity of the fluorimetric method for uranium determination by preparing several phosphor at once.
The Crystal Structure of Potassium Metavanadate Monohydrate, KVO3·H2O
Report discussing the investigation of potassium metavanadate monohydrate and its crystal structure. Information regarding experimental work done on potassium metavanadate monohydrate, determination/refinement of its structure, and description/discussion of its structure are included.
Clay Minerals in the Mudstones of the Ore-Bearing Formations of the Colorado Plateau
From abstract: "Mudstone samples were collected from uranium-vanadium ore-bearing sedimentary formations on the Colorado Plateau to determine if differences could be detected in the gross clay mineralogy between red and green mudstones which are otherwise stratigraphically equivalent, between ore-bearing and barren mudstone, and between other relationships referred to in the conclusions below."