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The Marijuana Policy Gap and the Path Forward

Description: This report describes the federal response to state actions to decriminalize or legalize marijuana. It includes general information about marajuana and trends among states, the federal response, a discussion of the implications of legalization, and selected issues.
Date: March 10, 2017
Creator: Sacco, Lisa N.; Bagalman, Erin; Finklea, Kristin & Lowry, Sean

Arms Control and Nonproliferation: A Catalog of Treaties and Agreements

Description: This report provides an overview of many of the key arms control and nonproliferation agreements and endeavors of the past 40 years, divided into three sections. The first describes arms control efforts between the United States and the states of the former Soviet Union. The second section describes multilateral nuclear nonproliferation efforts. The final section reviews treaties and agreements that address chemical, biological, and conventional weapons.
Date: April 13, 2016
Creator: Woolf, Amy F.; Kerr, Paul K. & Nikitin, Mary Beth D.

Membership of the 115th Congress: A Profile

Description: This report presents a profile of the membership of the 115th Congress (2017-2018) as of March 13, 2017. Statistical information is included on selected characteristics of Members, including data on party affiliation, average age, occupation, education, length of congressional service, religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity, foreign births, and military service.
Date: March 13, 2017
Creator: Manning, Jennifer E.

Current Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Issues

Description: This report discusses the missile defense program and whether current policy or program direction might change. The FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, P.L. 114-328) made several notable changes that could have significant effects on the direction of U.S. BMD policy and programs.
Date: February 21, 2017
Creator: Hildreth, Steven A.

U.S.-Mexican Water Sharing: Background and Recent Developments

Description: This report describes U.S.-Mexican water sharing of the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers pursuant to binational agreements. The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is charged with addressing issues that arise during application of binational water treaties.
Date: March 2, 2017
Creator: Carter, Nicole T.; Mulligan, Stephen P. & Ribando Seelke, Clare

Air Force B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber

Description: This report discusses the development of the new long-range bomber aircraft, the B-21 (previously known as LRS-B), and proposes to acquire 100 of them.
Date: April 14, 2016
Creator: Gertler, Jeremiah

Import Taxes on Mexican Crude Oil

Description: This report discusses the possibility raised by the Trump administration of imposing a 20% tax, or fee, on imports from Mexico, presumably including imports of crude oil.
Date: February 9, 2017
Creator: Pirog, Robert & Parfomak, Paul W.

H.R. 1628: The American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Description: This report provides an overview of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) provisions organized into three tables. Table 1 includes provisions that apply to the private health insurance market, Table 2 includes provisions that affect the Medicaid program, and Table 3 includes provisions related to public health and taxes. Each table contains a column identifying whether the AHCA provision is related to an ACA provision (e.g., whether it repeals an ACA-related provision).
Date: March 22, 2017
Creator: Mach, Annie L.

Gun Control, Mental Incompetency, and Social Security Administration Final Rule

Description: This report discusses the Congressional Review Act disapproval resolution (H.J.Res. 40) passed by the House of Representative to overturn a final rule promulgated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) regarding implementation of firearms restrictions for certain persons.
Date: February 13, 2017
Creator: Krouse, William J.; Szymendera, Scott D. & Morton, William R.

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA): A Summary of the Act and Its Major Requirements

Description: This report summarizes the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and its major programs and regulatory requirements. It includes the drinking water security provisions added to the SDWA by the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (P.L. 107-188), and lead reduction provisions as amended by P.L. 111-380. It also outlines amendments made in December 2013 by P.L. 113-64 (H.R. 3588) to explicitly exempt fire hydrants from coverage under the act's lead plumbing restrictions.
Date: March 1, 2017
Creator: Tiemann, Mary

U.S. Senate Vacancies: Contemporary Developments and Perspectives

Description: This report provides information on current vacancies in the Senate, the constitutional origins of the Senate vacancy clause, the appointment process by which most vacancies are filled, and related contemporary issues.
Date: March 10, 2017
Creator: Neale, Thomas H.

Worker Participation in Employer-Sponsored Pensions: A Fact Sheet

Description: This fact sheet provides data on the percentage of American workers who have access to, and who participate in, employer-sponsored pension plans. The information is from the National Compensation Survey (NCS), conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The NCS provides data on occupational earnings and the availability of employee benefits among U.S. workers.
Date: February 27, 2017
Creator: Topoleski, John J.

Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity

Description: This report discusses the various industrial uses for hemp, a variety of Cannabis sativa that is of the same plant species as marijuana. It compares hemp with marijuana and discusses global production, legal status, and recent legislative activity.
Date: March 10, 2017
Creator: Johnson, Renée

Defense Primer: A Guide for New Members

Description: This report describes the power of the Congress over the armed forces, including the power to "to raise and support Armies," "to provide and maintain a Navy," "to make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces" and "to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States...", as well as references to other reports on related topics.
Date: March 3, 2017
Creator: Kapp, Lawrence

EPA Policies Concerning Integrated Planning and Affordability of Water Infrastructure

Description: This report examines two recent initiatives by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in which the agency works with states to develop and implement new approaches for water quality goals that will be more cost-effective and address the most pressing water infrastructure problems first. The examples include an integrated planning policy and a framework policy for assessing a community's financial capability to meet objectives and requirements of the Clean Water Act (CWA).
Date: March 14, 2017
Creator: Ramseur, Jonathan L.

Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments

Description: This report discusses the military retirement system, which includes monthly compensation for qualified active and reserve retirees, disability benefits for those deemed medically unfit to serve, and a survivor annuity program for the eligible survivors of deceased retirees.
Date: February 27, 2017
Creator: Kamarck, Kristy N.

The Selective Service System and Draft Registration: Issues for Congress

Description: This report is intended to provide Congress with information about how the Military Selective Service Act (MSSA), the Selective Service System (SSS), and associated requirements for registration have evolved over time. It explains why the United States developed the SSS, what the system looks like today, how constituents are affected by the MSSA requirements, and what the options and considerations may be for the future of the Selective Service.
Date: April 11, 2016
Creator: Kamarck, Kristy N.

Medicaid Financial Eligibility for Long-Term Services and Supports

Description: This report provides an overview of the financial requirements used for determining eligibility for Medicaid long-term services and supports (LTSS). It first provides background information on the Medicaid program, including general eligibility requirements. Then it describes federal statutes as well as selected regulations and guidance regarding these financial eligibility requirements, including rules related to spousal impoverishment, asset transfers, treatment of certain assets, post-eligibility treatment of income, and estate recovery.
Date: March 7, 2017
Creator: Colello, Kirsten J.