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Structured Flotsam as Fish Aggregating Devices

Description: Abstract: A modern adaptation of an old fishing technique is gaining recognition in the Pacific and elsewhere as an effective means to increase fishing productivity in the open sea. The use of man-made, free-floating, and anchored floating devices to aggregate pelagic fishes for subsistence, recreational and commercial fishing has increased markedly in recent years; estimates of deployed and planned units exceed 1,000. These devices have been anchored in depths ranging from several hundred to several thousand fathoms. This report reviews the development and present use of fish aggregating devices in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Date: October 1982
Creator: Shomura, Richard S. & Matsumoto, Walter M.

Possible Effects of Sampling Biases on Reproduction Rate Estimates for Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to present a sensitivity analysis on the effects that biased sampling of young calves and lactating females would have on the various estimated life history parameters. This sensitivity analysis provides one measure of reliability of the various estimates. Also, where inconsistencies in the estimates can be identified, this analysis provides one means for evaluating which estimates are likely in error.
Date: March 1983
Creator: Polacheck, Tom

Summary of Environmental and Fishing Information on Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Historical Background, Description of the Islands, and Review of the Climate, Oceanography, and Submarine Topography

Description: This is a report that provides information on the history of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, including geological formation and description of each island in the archipelago, as well as the climatic, oceanographic, and submarine topographic features of the area.
Date: November 1983
Creator: Eldredge, L. G.

An Annotated Bibliography of the Ecology of the Co-Occurring Tunas (Katsuwonus pelomis, Thunnus albacares) and Dolphins (Stenella attenuata, Stenella longirostris and Delphinus delphus) in the Easter Tropical Pacific

Description: From introduction: This bibliography was compiled to provide a source of information on the ecology of the co-occurring tunas and dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP). While some of the articles give information concerning distribution and ecology of tunas and dolphins in other geographic areas, the primary focus is on the tunas and dolphins that occur together in the ETP.
Date: November 1982
Creator: Hawes, Sandra D.

Summary of Environmental and Fishing Information on Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands : A Review of the Plankton Communities and Fishery Resources

Description: From introduction: The Resource Assessment Investigation of the Mariana Archipelago (RAIOMA) Program is a study by the Honolulu Laboratory, conducted in close cooperation with the Governments of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and by University of Guam Marine Laboratory. The investigation will address the problem of determining the potential for development of crustacean, bottom fish, seamount groundfish, benthopelagic, and pelagic resources over the inner and outer shelves, shelf edge, reefs, and slope zones of these islands and adjacent seamounts.This document provides a comprehensive overview of the environmental and fishery information that has been published to date for the benefit of RAIOMA investigators currently involved in the field survey and resource assessment.
Date: July 1983
Creator: Uchida, Richard N.

Estimates of the Catch and Effort by Foreign Tuna Longliners and Baitboats in the Fishery Conservation Zone of the Central and Western Pacific, 1965-77

Description: From introduction: The primary purpose of this report is to summarize available information on the nominal effort and the catch of tunas and billfishes by these foreign longline fleets in the U.S. FCZ (Fishery Conservation Zone) of the central and western Pacific during the period 1965-77.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Yong, Marian Y. Y. & Wetherall, Jerry A.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island: 1984

Description: This is a report on a study that took place in 1984 on Laysan Island. This was an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal population, including an event with aggressive males and injuries from it. During this observation, seals have been injured, one died and two others disappear.
Date: March 1987
Creator: Johanos, Thea C.; Kam, Alan K. H. & Forsyth, Robert G.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Lisianski Island: 1983

Description: This is a report on the observational study over the population and findings of monk seal on Lisianski Island in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. This report summarizes the data taken during the time-frame between the 25th of April and the 9th of August, 1983.
Date: February 1986
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Kam, Alan K.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Reproduction and Injuries on Lianski Island, 1982

Description: Abstract: data on the Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schnauinslandi, including pup production, pupping locations, and injuries at Lisianski Island in 1982 are presented. Twenty-eight pups were born, of which 26 survived to weaning. Of the observed births, 75% occurred on the east side of the island. Average nursing period for 14 mother-pup pairs was 37.4 days. One exchange of pups was observed. Ten seals were injured while personnel were present on the island. Four of these injuries were attributable to attacks by adult male seals.
Date: July 1986
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Henderson, John R.

Observations of the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island from 1977 through 1980

Description: This is a report based on the observational data collected from Laysan Island on the Hawaiian monk seal. The data collected comes from the observations between 1977 through 1980, reflecting the population and what influences its increase/decrease in number. This includes reproduction patterns and survival rates.
Date: October 1984
Creator: Johnson, Brian W. & Johnson, Patricia A.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Population Research, Lisianski Island, 1982

Description: This is a report on observation data collected between the 17th of March and the 14th of September, as well as between the 26 of October and the 22nd of November in 1982 of the population of the Hawaiian monk seal at Lisianski Island. Data includes birth of pups, weaning, molting, and other factors that may influence the haul-out patterns. Injuries and deaths were also documented.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Stone, Sheridan H.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal and Green Turtle on Necker Island, 1983

Description: Abstract: Between 24 July and 6 August 1983, a two-person National Marine Fisheries Service field camp examined the Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, and green turtle, Chelonia mydas, populations of Necker Island. Forty-three seals were identified, photographic records for seal identification were made, and 21 animals were bleach marked. Of three pups at Necker, only one weaned during the study period and was tagged. A pregnant femals was found dead and a necropsy was performed. Eighty-eight turtle observations included feeding (59), basking (18), and swimming (11) sightings. Four turtles were individually identified; three of these were flipper-tagged.
Date: October 1985
Creator: Morrow, Robert J. & Buelna, Elizabeth K.

Preliminary Assessment of Habitat Utilization by Hawaiian Green Turtles in Their Resident Foraging Pastures

Description: This report is an assessment for the habitat utilization for all the foraging locations by the Hawaiian green turtles. This document includes underwater surveys, terrestrial surveys, capture efforts, tagging and biometrics, food sources and epizoites, deep-body temperatures, blood sampling and bone biopsies, and electro-immobilization.
Date: March 1987
Creator: Balazs, George H.; Forsyth, Robert G. & Kam, Alan K. H.

Mafic and Ultramafic Xenoliths from Volcanic Rocks of the Western United States

Description: From abstract: Mafic and ultramafic xenoliths in the Western United States are present in volcanic rocks ranging from lamprophyric to dacitic in composition and are found in every major tectonic province from the Coast ranges from California to the Great Plains. Xenoliths from 68 localities are described here, but new localities are being discovered, and much remain to be learned about their distribution with respect to the tectonic and geophysical framework of the Western United States.
Date: 1988
Creator: Wilshire, Howard Gordon; Meyer, C. E.; Nakata, John K.; Calk, L. C.; Shervais, John W.; Nielson, J. E. et al.
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