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Primary view of Geological Survey Investigations in the U12e.05 Tunnel, Nevada Test Site
Diment, William H.; Wilmarth, V. R.; Houser, F. N.; Dickey, D. D.; Hinrichs, E. Neal; Botinelly, Theodore et al.
February 1959
Primary view of AC-DC Difference Calibrations
Kinard, J. R.; Hastings, J. R.; Lipe, T. E. & Childers, C. B.
May 1989
Primary view of Treasure Hill Area, Larimer County, Colorado
Wyant, Donald G.
December 20, 1951
Primary view of Airborne Radioactivity Surveys in the Mojave Desert Region, Kern, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, California
Moxham, Robert Morgan
July 1952
Primary view of Lost Creek (Wamsutter) Schroeckingerite Deposit, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Wyant, Donald G.
January 21, 1952
Primary view of Plates To Accompany Final Report Of Geological, Geophysical, Chemical, And Hydrological Investigations Of The Sand Springs Range, Fairview Valley, And Fourmile Flat, Churchill County, Nevada
Nevada. Bureau of Mines.
Primary view of An Equation of State for Fluid Ethylene: Erratum
McCarty, Robert D. & Jacobsen, Richard T.
Primary view of USAEC Airborne Radiometric Reconnaissance in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico, 1953 to 1956
Grand Junction Office, AEC
August 1966
Primary view of USAEC Airborne Radiometric Reconnaissance in South Dakota and Wyoming, 1952 to 1955
Grand Junction Office, AEC
August 1966
Primary view of USAEC Airborne Radiometric Reconnaissance in Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, Texas and Utah, 1952 to 1955
Grand Junction Office, AEC
August 1966
Primary view of Notes on the Relationship of Uranium Mineralization and Rhyolite in the Marysvale Area, Utah
Gilbert, Ray E.
February 1957
Primary view of Preliminary Report on Uranium Occurrence, Silver King Claims, Tooele County, Utah
Hillier, Robert L.
March 1956
Primary view of Air Sampling Chamber for S.I.R.
Dewes, R. A. & Goodale, E. E.
August 8, 1952
Primary view of The Flat Top Uranium Mine, Grants, New Mexico
Gabelman, John W.
October 1970
Primary view of Investigation of Subsurface Isorad Methods, Temple Mountain, San Rafael District, Utah
Hinckley, David Narwyn
September 2, 1952
Primary view of Knob Creek Monazite Placer, Cleveland County, North Carolina
Griffith, R. F. & Overstreet, William C.
January 1953
Primary view of Vilcabamba Uranium Deposits, Cuzco Department, Peru
Gabelman, John W.
October 1962
Primary view of Airborne Reconnaissance Project, Ruby Range and Sweetwater Basin, Montana
Pruitt, Robert G., Jr. & Magleby, Dan N.
April 1958
Primary view of Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Dripping Spring Quartzite Formation in Gila and Pinal Counties, Arizona
Mead, W. E. & Wells, R. L.
June 1953
Primary view of Engineering Geology Bearing on Harbor Site Selection Along the Northwest Coast of Alaska from Nome to Point Barrow
Péwé, Troy Lewis; Hopkins, David Moody & Lachenbruch, Arthur H.
April 1958
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Radioactive Minerals in the Southern Part of Brazil
Pierson, Charles Thomas; Haynes, Donald D. & Ribeiro Filho, Evaristo
January 1957
Primary view of Uraniferous Coal and Carbonaceous Shale in Northeast Paraná, Brazil
Haynes, Donald D. & Pierson, Charles Thomas
January 1957
Primary view of Subsurface Fracturing from Shoal Nuclear Detonation: Final Report
Atkinson, Charles H.
June 1964
Primary view of Geologic Study of the Sedan Nuclear Crater
Richards, William D.
May 1964