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Studies of the Early Mesozoic Basins of the Eastern United States

Description: The following document is a collection of reports on the studies of the early Mesozoic basins of the Eastern United States. The reports are divided into four sections: reports that study the sedimentary rocks of the basins, studies of related to Jurassic igneous rocks, studies related to the geophysics, structure, and tectonics of the basins, and studies related to the mineral resources.
Date: 1988
Creator: Froelich, A. J. & Robinson, Gilpin R., Jr.

NURE Geochemical and Geophysical Surveys--Defining Prospective Terranes for United States Placer Exploration

Description: From introduction: "This report illustrates a method for delimiting prospective placer districts in the United States by use of National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) Hydrogeochemical Stream Sediment Reconnaissance (HSSR) geochemical data and adjunct airborne spectral gamma-ray radiation data."
Date: 1994
Creator: Grosz, Andrew E. & Schruben, Paul G.

Significant Metalliferous Lode Deposits and Placer Districts of Alaska

Description: From preface: "This report is a compilation of the significant metalliferous lode deposits and placer districts of Alaska, and is a comprehensive data base for a companion article on the metallogenesis and major mineral deposits of Alaska that will be published in the volume of Alaskan geology for the Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) by the Geological Society of America."
Date: 1987
Creator: Nokleberg, Warren J.; Bundtzen, Thomas K.; Berg, Henry C.; Brew, David A.; Grybeck, Donald; Robinson, Mark S. et al.

Tertiary Stratigraphy of Highly Extended Terranes, California, Arizona, and Nevada

Description: Proceedings of a workshop held in February 1990 called "Tertiary Stratigraphy of Highly Extended Terranes, Southern Basin and Range" at the Desert Research Center of the California State University System, Soda Springs, near Baker, California. This volume is a collection of stratigraphic data and interpretation.
Date: 1993
Creator: Sherrod, David R. & Nielson, Jane E.

Correlation of the West Canyon, Lake Point, and Bannock Peak Limestones (Upper Mississippian to Middle Pennsylvanian), Basal Formations of the Oquirrh Group, Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho

Description: The following report presents detailed lethologic and conodont biostratigraphic data from four measured sections in the lower part of the Oquirrh Group in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah and the Deep Creek and Samaria Mountains of Idaho.
Date: 1994
Creator: Davis, L. E.; Dyman, T. S. & Webster, G. D.

Proterozoic Geology of the Granite Village Area, Albany and Laramie Counties, Wyoming, Compared with that of the Sierra Madre and Medicine Bow Mountains of Southeastern Wyoming

Description: Abstract: "Precambrian metavolcanic rocks north and south of the village of Granite, Wyoming, belong to a sequence of isolated metavolcanic and metasedimentary masses in the Sherman Granite of the southern Laramie Mountains. Similar rocks lie to the west, in the Precambrian uplifts of the southern Medicine Bow Mountains and Sierra Madre. A major fault system, the Cheyenne belt, splits these two ranges into northern and southern domains, and may constitute a suture along which Early Proterozoic islands arcs collided with an Early Proterozoic passive margin. Projection of the Cheyenne belt into the Laramie Mountains suggests that the study area, which is 65 kilometers south of the proposed suture, comprises a distinct volcanic arc with a unique chemistry or age. However, chemistry of the volcanic rocks of the study area as determined as so far does not differ significantly from those of the Medicine Bow Mountains and Sierra Madre."
Date: 1997
Creator: Houston, Robert S. & Marlatt, Gordon

Subdivision, Subsurface Stratigraphy, and Estimated Age of Fluvial-Terrace Deposits in Northwestern Tennessee

Description: This report studies the fluvial-terrace deposits in northwestern Tennessee with the intention of establishing a means of correlating disjunct terrace segments along the Obion River that is independent of terrace height, to document the stratigraphy of selected terrace deposits, and to estimate their numerical ages.
Date: 1996
Creator: Rodbell, Donald T.

Whistle, a Nearly Dormant Geyser in Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: The First Geyser to be Studied by Research Drilling

Description: The following report follows the first research drilling study on a geyser. Whistle, a nearly dormant geyser in the upper geyser basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, has been proven to depend its water supply on deep overpressured water that's a far more extensive system than surface measurements can determine.
Date: 1991
Creator: White, Donald Edward