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Surface Geologic Reconnaissance of Vacherie Dome, Bienville and Webster Parishes, Louisiana

Description: Abstract: "A geologic reconnaissance map was prepared in the area of Vacherie Dome at a scale of 1:24,000. To do this, the available data were compiled, resistivity surveys were conducted, and reconnaissance field mapping took place. Then all the information was consolidated for the map preparation."
Date: January 1983
Creator: Brandwein, Sidney S. & White, Robert M.

Topical Reports on Louisiana Salt Domes

Description: Abstract: "The Institute for Environmental Studies at Louisiana State University conducted research into the potential use of Louisiana salt domes for disposal of nuclear waste material. Topical reports generated in the 1981 and 1982 related to Vacherie and Rayburn's domes are compiled and presented, which address palynological studies, tiltmeter monitoring, precise releveling, saline springs, and surface hydrology. The latter two are basically a compilation of references related o these topics."
Date: September 1983
Creator: Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.). Institute for Environmental Studies.

GCRE Critical-Assembly Studies

Description: This report follows critical-assembly studies made to provide engineering and physics data to aid in developing the Gas Cooled Reactor Experiments.
Date: September 10, 1958
Creator: Dingee, David A.; Ballowe, William C.; Klingensmith, Raymond W.; Egen, R. A.; Jankowski, Francis J. & Chastain, Joel W.

The Effect of Fabrication Variables on the Structure and Properties of UO₂-Stainless Steel Dispersion Fuel Plates

Description: From introduction: "This report deals with a part of the research and development studies which preceded the manufacture of fuel elements for the Gas Cooled Reactor Experiment (GCRE)." The studies evaluate the effects of varying the type and size of UO2 particles, stainless steel matrix powders, blending procedures, compacting pressures, sintering times, temperatures and atmospheres, roll-cladding temperatures and reduction rates, total cold reduction, and heat-treating times and temperatures has been made for UO2 stainless steel dispersion fuel elements."
Date: February 18, 1959
Creator: Paprocki, Stan J.; Keller, Donald L. & Cunningham, G. W.

Evaluation of Reactor Core Materials for a Gas-Cooled Reactor Experiment

Description: From introduction: "On February 1, 1956, Batelle was awarded a contract by the Army Reactor Branch (ARB) to select, develop, and test core materials which could be used successfully in conducting a Gas Cooled Reactor Experiment (GCRE). The prime objective of the GCRE would be to evaluate small portable reactor systems for military application...The present report is concerned with the GCRE activities at Batelle during approximately the 7 months' period following the first report of this series, BMI-1133. It is primarily concerned with a detailed evaluation of the reference materials as well as of the impact of one material upon the other."
Date: July 11, 1957
Creator: Keller, Donald L.

Plastic Deformation in Grooved Rolls

Description: This report covers a study of the deformation characteristics of uranium in grooved rolls. The study's purpose was to provide a basis for possible improvements in the uniformity of the rolled rod produced for the Hanford and Savannah River reactors.
Date: September 27, 1955
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Keeler, John R. & Cuddy, Lee J.

The Mechanical Properties of Beta-Quenched Uranium at Elevated Temperatures

Description: The creep strength and tensile properties-were determined in vacuum for beta-quenched, derby uranium. The stresses to produce a secondary creep rate of- 0.0001 per cent per hr at 100, 250, 400, and 500 deg C were 48,000, sile strengths were 114,500, 35,100, 11,100, and 8,500 psi at temperatares of 28, 300, 500, and 700 deg C, respectively. The creep and tensile strengths decrease quite rapidly with increasing temperature in the temperatare range 250 to 400 deg C.
Date: September 6, 1955
Creator: Shober, Frederic R.; Marsh, Lyle L. & Manning, G. K.

The Electrical Properties of Uranium Oxides

Description: From introduction: "The work described here was part of an integrated investigation of the fundamental properties of uranium oxides done for the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works. Electrical measurements were employed to characterize the oxides produced by various processes from different starting materials. The basic objective of the program was to determine those factors which affect the sintering characteristics of uranium dioxide."
Date: September 25, 1956
Creator: Willardson, Robert K.; Moody, Jerry W. & Goering, Harvey L.