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Analysis of several methods of pumping cooling air for turbojet engine afterburners

Description: From Introduction: "Afterburning is well established as an effective means of increasing the thrust of a turbojet engine. In order to obtain the maximum thrust from an afterburner, it is necessary to burn to the highest temperatures possible (reference 1). At these high temperatures, material limitations (reference 2) necessitate the installation of cooling systems to permit safe and reliable operation."
Date: February 2, 1953
Creator: Samuels, John C & Yanowitz, Herbert

Analysis of heat transfer and fluid friction for fully developed turbulent flow of supercritical water with variable fluid properties in a smooth tube

Description: From Summary: "Calculated velocity and temperature distributions, as well as relations among Nusselt number, Reynolds number, and friction factor, are presented. The effect of variation of fluid properties across the tube on the Nusselt number and friction factor correlations can be eliminated by evaluating the properties at a reference temperature which is a function of both the wall temperature and the ratio of wall-to-bulk temperatures."
Date: April 9, 1953
Creator: Deissler, Robert G & Taylor, Maynard F