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Border irrigation.

Description: Provides instructions for implementing a border irrigation system for watering crops.
Date: May 1951
Creator: Core, Edwin J.
Item Type: Book

Russian wild-rye.

Description: Describes the characteristics of Russian wild-rye, its development in the United States, and its production.
Date: October 1951
Creator: Rogler, George A. (George Albert), 1913-
Item Type: Book

A rounded-corner hutch for rabbits.

Description: Provides a layout and instructions for building a rounded-corner hutch for rabbits.
Date: October 1954
Creator: Templeton, George S. (George Streator), 1887-
Item Type: Book

Beef on the farm : slaughtering, cutting, curing.

Description: Describes the methods for slaughtering fresh beef on the farm; provides instructions outlining procedures for cutting and curing beef.
Date: 1950
Creator: Black, W. H. (William Henry), 1888-1949 & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)
Item Type: Book

Farm fences.

Description: Describes the varieties, the cost, and the construction of fences and fence posts.
Date: April 1954
Creator: Molander, Edward G.
Item Type: Book

Part-time farming.

Description: Describes the advantages and disadvantages of part-time farming; provides recommendations for types of produce, equipment, and labor.
Date: 1953
Creator: Scoville, Orlin J. (Orlin James), 1911- & Smith, Katherine A. (Katherine Augusta), 1884-
Item Type: Book

Pattern alteration.

Description: A guide to fitting and alteration of commercial dress patterns.
Date: 1950
Creator: Smith, Margaret, 1902- & United States. Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics.
Item Type: Book

Controlling the Japanese beetle.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the Japanese beetle, the damage it causes to plants, and methods of control.
Date: March 1958
Creator: Fleming, Walter E. (Walter Ernest), 1899-
Item Type: Book

Drying forage by forced ventilation.

Description: Discusses different systems of forced-air ventilation as a means of harvesting and drying forage crops.
Date: August 1951
Creator: Davis, Roy B. (Roy Benjamin), 1919-; Schoenleber, Leonard G. & Campbell, Lowell Eugene, 1920-
Item Type: Book

Sash greenhouses.

Description: Describes sash greenhouses. Provides plans for constructing and heating greenhouses.
Date: July 1958
Creator: Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882.
Item Type: Book

Preventing black rot losses in sweetpotatoes.

Description: Describes how black rot can damage sweet potato crops, and the steps farmers can take to prevent and treat crops affected by it.
Date: June 1950
Creator: Cooley, J. S. (Jacquelin Smith), 1883- & Haskell, R. J. (Royal Joyslin), 1890-
Item Type: Book

Demodectic mange in cattle.

Description: Describes demodectic mange, its causes, how it is recognized on cattle, and what can be done to control the disease.
Date: August 1958
Creator: United States. Agricultural Research Service. Animal Disease and Parasite Research Division.
Item Type: Book

Cattle warts.

Description: A description of the virus that causes cattle warts, and methods of control.
Date: December 1958
Creator: United States. Agricultural Research Service.
Item Type: Book

Powder-post beetles in buildings : what to do about them.

Description: Describes different types of powder-post beetles, their life cycles, the damage they can cause to various types of wood, and methods for their control.
Date: November 1959
Creator: St. George, R. A. (Raymond Alexander), b. 1894. & McIntyre, T.
Item Type: Book

Filters and screens for irrigation wells.

Description: Describes the purpose of having filters and screens as part of an irrigation system, and how to properly select and install them.
Date: April 1959
Creator: Robinson, A. R. (August Robert), b. 1921.
Item Type: Book

The soil that went to town.

Description: Describes the problem of soil erosion and methods for its prevention, in an elementary story format.
Date: November 1952
Creator: Gee, C. W. (Chester Wilson), 1904-
Item Type: Book

Measuring and marketing farm timber.

Description: Describes in detail methods for preparing and marketing farm timber. Discusses grades and specifications for wood products.
Date: March 1958
Creator: United States. Forest Service.
Item Type: Book

Apple scald and its control.

Description: Describes apple scald, the damage and losses it causes, and methods for control.
Date: March 1954
Creator: Haller, M. H. (Mark Hughlin), 1897-
Item Type: Book