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Primary view of Corrugation irrigation.
Stanley, William R.
December 1954
Primary view of The imported fire ant : how to control it.
United States. Entomology Research Division.
April 1958
Primary view of Fire departments for rural communities : how to organize and operate them.
Rush, John D.
October 1954
Primary view of Farmhouse : split-level expansible.
United States. Agricultural Research Service.
June 1954
Primary view of Facts about wind erosion and dust storms on the Great Plains.
United States. Soil Conservation Service.
Primary view of Leather bookbindings: how to preserve them.
Rogers, J. S. (Jerome Stanley), b. 1884. & Beebe, William, 1877-1962.
May 1956
Primary view of Barberry eradication in stem rust control : wheat, oats, barley, rye.
United States. Plant Pest Control Division.
December 1957
Primary view of Ice creams frozen without stirring.
Stanley, Louise, 1883-1954. & Cline, Jessie Alice.
April 1930
Primary view of Preventing cracks in new wood floors.
Teesdale, L. V. (Laurence Victor) & Mathewson, J. S.
December 1952
Primary view of Pulp-wood crops in the Northeast.
Westveld, Marinus, 1889-
April 1933
Primary view of Hints on coyote and wolf trapping.
Young, Stanley Paul, 1889-1969
July 1930
Primary view of Porcupine control in the western states.
Garlough, F. E. (Francis Earl), 1877-; Horn, Everett Ellis, 1896- & Gabrielson, Ira Noel, 1889-
Primary view of English sparrow control.
Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884-
April 1931
Primary view of Why some wood surfaces hold paint longer than others.
Browne, F. L. (Frederick Lincoln), 1895-
September 1930
Primary view of Red-squill powder in rat control.
Silver, James, b. 1890. & Munch, J. C. (James Clyde)
January 1931
Primary view of Rabbit recipes.
Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876 & Stienbarger, Mabel C.
July 1930
Primary view of Fertilizers for pecan soils.
Skinner, J. J. (Joshua John), 1882-1969
November 1930
Primary view of Boning lamb cuts.
Warner, K. F.
June 1931
Primary view of Bracing farm buildings.
Trayer, George W. (George William), 1888-1976. & Betts, M. C. (Morris Cotgrave), 1875-1936.
July 1931
Primary view of Cooking cured pork.
Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888- & Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876.
Primary view of More turpentine, less scar, better pine.
Gerry, Eloise, b. 1885.
Primary view of Preparing wool for market.
Buck, Warner M. (Warner Mays), 1892-
July 1940
Primary view of Red-clover seed production in the Intermountain States.
Hollowell, E. A. (Eugene Amos)
December 1932
Primary view of Huron timothy.
Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
August 1933